Alex Hawk

Alex Hawk

One of the sexiest bespectacled boys I've ever had the pleasure of seeing naked, Alex Hawk has that bookworm next door vibe down. Just as hot in and out of glasses as he is clothes, this hairy hottie is homework you won't mind having. He's toned as hell, hung with a perfect 7 inch cut cock, and comes complete with a furry asshole you'll wanna nibble (then fuck) for days.

Topher Michels

Topher Michels

Tall Topher is one sexy, hairy hunk. And the manners on this one! Such a gentleman!


Topher Tops Alex Raw

I was super excited to get to work with Alex Hawk again. Our first shoot together with Chip Young was a blast and this time being able to pair him with new GuyBone Guy Topher Michels was awesome! In fact, both Alex AND Chip filmed with Topher, and had previously both filmed with Ryan Powers. Guess they like to share.

After having to get the AC fixed in our sauna… I mean room… the guys were finally able to cool down enough to get started. I wanted them to create their own sweat, not have the temperature in the room do it. And sweat they would, from all the steamy bareback sex they'd be having! We were all big fans of the giant wall mirror so the guys started out up against it, kissing and licking nipples and generally teasing each other's furry bodies.

Topher is really tall. Alex fits into all his nooks extremely well, like they were made to cuddle. Seeing Topher's tatted arms wrap around Alex's tight, tinier frame was really a huge turn on. Both guys were sexy as fuck and Topher wore a snapback at Alex's request. Alex and I share a love of guys in hats and Topher looks so incredibly hot in one. With everyone turned on to the max, it was only a matter of moments until clothes came off.

Alex helped Topher out of his jeans to reveal the broad shouldered bro was going commando and already leaking pre cum. Topher's bespectacled bud was more than happy to clean up his cock head with his mouth. What a tasty treat. They both rubbed Topher's hairy belly as Alex sucked his growing dick. Then Alex's underwear fell off and his raging erection danced its way into Topher's ready palm. They stood in front of the mirror and stroked each other's dicks as they made out noisily. Fuck, I love a good lip smacking sound.

They admired their sexy bodies in the mirror then Topher bent Alex over the desk / headboard and dove tongue first into his tight asshole. Topher's “make ya melt” chocolate eyes lit up as they looked over Alex's milky white butt cheeks. He kissed Alex's hairy hole and licked with his long tongue from taint to balls and back. Alex raved about how his scruff felt down there. Eating ass as delicious as Alex's will get ya rock hard, and it did just that for Topher. He put their ever stiff dicks together and jerked them slowly. Then he bent Alex backward over the wooden surface and serviced his big dick orally.

He mounted him so they could make out. Then he climbed up on his knees so Alex could suck some more pre cum from his cock. Alex worshipped his big, beautiful boner as clear pre cum drizzled from his piss slit. The fur on these two was gorgeous. So much body hairy between them. Topher's veiny shaft disappeared down Alex's throat again and again. I love watching him suck dick. And he clearly loves doing it.

Topher descended to the bed and the boys began kissing and teasing again. Entwined in a mess of arms, legs and torsos, they touched and fondled and nibbled each other. Topher flipped Alex's ass up and rimmed his hole once more while the aroused bottom's balls hung toward his face. One of the hottest moments for me was when they were fluffing each other just before fucking and Topher worked a drop of pre cum from Alex's throbbing cock. He put his finger in his costar's mouth and I was all smiles seeing Alex taste his own fluid from Topher's digit. Then Alex worked some more pre cum from Topher's cock and added that to the flavor sensation on his tongue. Lucky guy getting both at once.

It was time for the main attraction and they were both beyond ready. Alex laid on his back while Topher fingered his unbelievably tight hole to stretch him a bit for his thick dick. They lubed up with SPUNK and Topher entered Alex. It was an immediate trip to pound town as Topher slammed his cock into Alex's acclimated ass. They switched to doggie and Topher seemed totally turned on by watching their reflections fucking in the mirror. Then the sweat began to drip. They'd created their own heat and it wasn't going to cool down until they came.

Topher flipped Alex onto his back again and absolutely railed him in missionary. Alex grunted and moaned his satisfaction. Topher's cock appeared to grow the harder he screwed Alex raw. His shaft shot in and out of Alex's ass faster than my eyes could follow. They were animals, fucking like mad. Suddenly, Alex was announcing that Topher was going to make him cum. Fuck, I love watching a top hammer a load out of his bottom! Alex painted his furry torso with a clear coat of cum but before I could stop for stills, Topher had cleaned it all up with his tongue. I'm not complaining. It was absolutely intoxicating to watch.

Topher laid down, too, so they were ballsack to ballsack. They both stroked their dicks and Topher fingered Alex's spent hole. To my delight, this sent Alex over the top a second time and he came another load for Topher, who at the exact same time, blew his own wad of jizz! Two guys cumming simultaneously and bellowing their orgasm cries into the air. Alex's was crystal clear again and Topher's was a delicious, creamy white nut that pumped out over his hand onto his pubes. To crown the event, Topher fed Alex the cum on his thumb and they made out, swapping spit, cum and any other fantastic tastes on their tongues. So much cum eating in this scene! YUM! These two had a fucking wild ride and I am thrilled it's Topher's debut scene for GuyBone. Congrats, gents!

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