Charles Grey

Charles Grey

Charles is one of the most dynamic personalities I've ever met and filmed for GuyBone. He's got this electrifying ora that makes you smile and turns you on at the same time. His smile is killer as is his body.

Zeus Harden

Zeus Harden

Perhaps the god of thunder cock? Zeus is a sexy young Latino with a curved uncut cock as handsome as his boy next door face. The beard makes him look more mature, but trust me, it's a hot baby face under there.


Zeus Tops Charles Raw

Zeus and Charles. Where do I begin? These two seriously need to get married. They're probably the most adorable couple on GuyBone…and they're not even a real couple. They showed up for their first of two scenes together wearing the same shirt. Funny. They kinda look like sexy older brother and younger brother, or hot kissing cousins. It didn't take long for those matching shirts to peel off and for boners to pop out. Charles tasted Zeus' uncut glory and was in love. They both stripped down and continued the suck fest. There's so much tantalizing action from these two, they ended up with an extra 15 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

Charles bent over Zeus' deliciously furry body and sucked down his long shaft. His spit slicked the surface and he used what was on his palm to stroke his own stiff dick. Zeus gently guided him by holding his neck. Charles' mouth is one you definitely want to keep on your cock as long as possible.

Zeus rolled on top and nibbled Charles' neck. A weak spot for most guys. Their hardons pressed against each other as Zeus worked his way down Charles' tight body with his juicy lips and wet tongue. He found what he was looking for at the end of Charles' happy trail. A big, thick cut cock throbbing for some oral attention. Zeus got it nice and wet while they had some sexy banter. Then some more kissing. Fuck. The kissing. Their chemistry was undeniable as soon as their lips met. Zeus slobbed that knob some more, the sound of his sucking getting me as rock hard as Charles.

Zeus turned Charles around and put his talented tongue to work rimming that tight hole. He switched between tongue and finger, slowly loosening his costar's ass. Then Charles sat up, his back to Zeus' firm chest. They made out. I nearly came. Fingers running through thick, dark heads of hair, bearded faces scruffing against each other.

Charles hadn't sucked enough of that uncut candy cock yet, so he got on his knees in front of a standing Zeus and worshipped his rod. Zeus dropped his head back against the wall, it felt so fucking good. He gulped it down the back of his throat with ease, showcasing his oral skills. Zeus got him on his back one more time for some final, fucking fantastic blowing before they began screwing.

Zeus used a couple of his fingers, lubed with SPUNK, to ready Charles' back door. He greased his uncircumcised cock with the rest of what was on his hand and slowly worked his dick inside his bottom. Charles took a minute to get used to it, but Zeus was ready to thrust. They acclimated to each others bodies quickly and the show was underway. As Zeus thrust his lengthy cock into Charles' ass, he stroked Charles' meaty dick with his lubed hand. Charles was rock hard, as he should be with that magnificent manhood inside him. Charles pulled Zeus in for some sexy lip smacking as they gently fucked. Then they switched positions and Charles sat on Zeus' tent pole, taking his entire dick up his ass. Zeus' hairy legs sprawled out, his slender fingers pulling Charles' butt cheeks apart so I could get a great view. Charles clung to the headboard and let Zeus pound his hole hard. Fuck, these two were on fire!

Their next position was the spooning one I love so much. From here, Zeus was able to give Charles the reach around he so desperately wanted to while driving his bare cock into that perfect ass. Seeing them go at it natural, with no condom, was heavenly. Zeus' raw uncut dick slamming into Charles' warm, wet hole. Then they moved into a standing position so I could get underneath them. What a view! Both pair of balls were so tight and drawn up, full of cum and ready to blow. Zeus' veiny shaft looked incredible from this angle, really working Charles' crevice with care. That turned into doggie and I was delighted to see more bareback fucking in this position where Zeus could lean over and cradle his costar, further igniting the sparks between them.

Oh! Time for one more bonus oral round. Charles blew Zeus' slippery cock that had just come from his ass, then shared the taste with a sexy kiss, then Zeus dove onto Charles' fat boner mouth first. He stretched out sideways to show off his own erection, towering above his thigh. Then it was time for the final fuck, getting them to their orgasms.

Zeus nailed Charles missionary, really going full force. He pounded that prostate hard, so hard Charles had little choice but to cum. He exploded a white hot load across his belly button and stomach tattoo. Zeus rubbed his finger in the pearl droplets and rubbed some on his lips like it was balm. Cum balm. Tasted good when he licked it off, no doubt.

Zeus had a fantastic load himself, but we only got to see the tail end of it. He was standing over Charles, ready to give him a facial. But like me, getting off while standing can sometimes prove difficult, so he went to the bathroom to sit down. He got close. Too close. And by the time he ran back to paint Charles' bearded mug, he'd already spilt the majority of his seed on the floor. A bit made it onto Charles and then like a good bottom, he cleaned off that cum covered cock with his mouth. Next time you see them together, you'll see both cumshots completely. Until then, enjoy this first pairing of the Dynamic Duo. They're too hot for words!

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