Brooks is a fucking hot brunette who looks good in everything from sports gear to fetish gear to nothing at all. He's scruffy and tatted, pierced and hung. His thick cock has several sexy veins racing through it and his ass is a thing of perfection.

Zeke Johnson

Zeke Johnson

Zeke is a fucking hot muscle cub with plenty of hair and tattoos for you to drool over. And that smile, killer. With the guy next door charm we love and the insatiable sex addict drive we crave, this is one GuyBone guy you'll want to cum with again and again.


Zeke Tops Brooks Raw

Viva Las Vegas, baby! After one very busy, sexy summer of shooting, GuyBone packed up and took a much-needed vacay to Sin City. In our carry-on, we stashed furry sexpot Zeke Johnson. In our hotel, we met up with newbie Brooks, who was more than ready for his debut scene. These two were so absolutely randy, they provided you with an extra 10 minutes of footage! That's more fuck for your buck!

Both guys tatted, pierced, and horny as fuck, we wasted absolutely no time getting to business... er pleasure... er the business of pleasure. Zeke learned quickly that by tugging on Brooks' dick ring, he could give his costar an instant erection. Nice fact to have in your back pocket. Brooks learned quickly that Zeke loved a spitty, sloppy blow job. And he gave him a damn good one.

While Brooks was busy slobbing the knob, Zeke buried his face in Brooks' oh-so-fine asshole, giving him an excellent salad toss. That escalated into a 69 rim fest that was all kinds of hot. After that, Zeke moved to suck Brook's pierced cock. I loved hearing the clacking of the ring on Zeke's teeth. He swallowed that big, thick, veiny shaft balls deep and when he came up for air, a string of saliva poured out of Brook's pierce. So fucking hot. If you look close in the still pics, you can see my reflection in his dick ring.

The faces Brooks makes while getting fucked are some of my favorite on the site. He's masculine and brooding and his eyes and lips contort into the sexiest, horniest, raunchiest forms you'll be begging to see. He loves a good fuck, and Zeke gave him one. Raw. Nothing feels as good as bareback, and these two proved it with SPUNK Lube, spit, and animal instinct. Zeke's hairy cub body thrusting in and out of Brook's bouncing ass. Tugging on jock strap strings. Spanking his butt and leaving a large red handprint. It was all fucking fantastic. And I have to throw in quickly, take note of Brooks' legs. Beefy, strong, sexy as hell. Damn, they'd look hot wrapped around anyone!

By the time these two were done screwing, the sun began to set on Sin City. We had to turn on the hotel lights so we weren't left in the dark. Although, only being able to hear them moan and grunt would be equally stimulating. It was then, after they'd both came all over themselves, and Brooks had licked Zeke's cock clean, that we noticed the cowboy hat hanging on the lamp. We'd meant to use it in the scene, because Zeke would look fine as hell in it, but we forgot. That's how intense and attention-grabbing their fuck was. Couldn't even be bothered to grab a hat. Dripping with beads of sweat and cum, Brooks and Zeke collapsed for a few moments before I sent them to the showers. After all, this was Vegas. And no one sleeps in Vegas.

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