Ari Koyote

Ari Koyote

Ari Koyote is the perfect tour guide into exciting, uncharted territory for GuyBone as our first trans dude. He's a sexy, polished boy next door who's dusted in dark fur, rad tats, and has the hottest bonus hole you've ever seen. Whip-smart, a bag of laughs, and one helluva good time in bed, Ari is everything you'd want in a partner and more.



WOOF, this bearded, furry, tatted, uncut hunk of beefcake is all man, all hot, all horny! Zaddy is a GoGo dancer, which is evident by the way he moves in bed. He's vers but prefers the top dance floor, and something tells me it won't be difficult finding willing bottoms to open up for that thick cock of his.


Zaddy Tops Ari Raw

From the get-go, Zaddy had his hand plunged inside Ari's shorts, rubbing his mound, getting him ready for the impending action. It was our first shoot back since the COVID-19 quarantine began, and believe me, we were all more than ready to get back in action. They were so ready, they ended up with an extra 15 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck! They stripped shirts and Ari climbed on top of beefy, furry Zaddy, kissing him passionately and sensually. Their tatted skin rubbed together in all the right ways, their lips smacked and tongues danced. Ari worked his way from Zaddy's nipples to his hairy tummy, to his fly. He slid his shorts off to reveal a towering erection, ready for the sucking.

Wasting no time, Ari lapped at the long shaft, took Zaddy's cockhead deep into his throat, and worshipped his foreskin. Zaddy's cock was war ready, stiff as steel, boned to the max. He watched Ari make mouth love to his dick, in awe of his costar's oral skills. He requested some attention on his balls and Ari was more than happy to oblige.

He took the hefty nuts into his mouth and rolled them around with his talented tongue. This boy was more than willing to please his daddy Zaddy. He returned to the shaft and sucked deep, super deep throat, making Zaddy moan and whimper in pleasure. Ari never gagged on the gargantuan girth stick, the true pro he is. He stood, dropped trou, and moved back to the bed where Zaddy mounted him.

They kissed so sexily as Zaddy slid his stiff dick across Ari's opening. He spit on it, getting them both wet, and massaged his boy's bonus hole with his throbbing cock. It was so hot seeing them rub their body parts together before fucking. The ever-looming pleasure that was about to envelop both their beings was beyond intense.

Zaddy desperately needed to take his turn at oral. He made himself comfortable at Ari's electric entrance and devoured his deliciousness. Ari groaned and moaned so wildly, I got goosebumps. There was no doubt he was enjoying every lap of Zaddy's tongue across the surface of and deep inside his pussy. Zaddy mowed down, leaving a sexy spit string as evidence he'd been there and thrilled. He rubbed his bushy beard across Ari's opening and surely made every nerve ending tingle.

Legs spread wide in the air, Ari showed off his sexy boy hole, ready for Zaddy to fill him to the brim with pulsating penis. Zaddy entered Ari slowly and sexily, the bottom boy wiggling his way balls deep onto that daddy dick. The orchestra of orgasmic moans began as they started their sensational screw. Zaddy's raw cock was wet and ready to please. Ari rubbed himself as Zaddy went to work. They were a complete package, totally becoming one as they bareback boned.

I loved seeing Zaddy's uncut cock foreskin roll back as his dick would flop out of Ari and then slide back in. Fuuuuck, these guys were on fire! I could feel their chemistry filling the room. What an energy! Their bodies belonged together and it was evident. Zaddy started pumping harder, his cock ramming Ari's hole, delivering undeniable satisfaction. He loved when he felt Ari squeezing tight around his big dick and it made him hornier, made him work harder. He was laying hot pipe and Ari was so there for it.

Ari's body was so furry and toned, showing off his tasty pits as he gripped the pillows and received his plowing. They were itching to switch positions, so Ari leaned over the edge of the bed in doggie as Zaddy filled him up from behind. What a fucking hot view! Ari worked Zaddy's rod, rubbing his pussy back and forth around the swollen shaft. Goddamn, I could watch these two forever! Zaddy begged “take it easy on this dick,” to which Ari replied, “I'll try,” but there would be no leniency. They were both in it for the hardest of hardcore humpings. That was made evident as soon as I slid underneath them for one helluva hot up close and personal view of the action. If you don't live alone, this is where you'll need to turn the volume down as you jerk off. They get SO FUCKING LOUD and I fucking live for it! Zaddy annihilated Ari's sweet hole with his succulent shaft, his heavy balls pounding those pink lips into oblivion.

He threw his leg up and planted his foot on Ari's face, pushing it into the mattress as he fucked him harder. Ari submitted, absolutely loving having his hole owned by Zaddy. He gave it up and relished the experience. As thoroughly as he enjoyed letting go of control, he also loved being in charge. He held the reigns so well when he climbed atop Zaddy's steep shaft and sat down completely on it. Zaddy laid back and let Ari take charge, squatting over and riding his rod with precision. Damn, their equipment really complimented each other's. Zaddy's cock and Ari's pussy completed the perfect puzzle. They lubed up with SPUNK and continued the raw ride.

Ari's sculpted body was tatted, hairy, and pierced and looked positively perfect as he pounced on Zaddy's prick. I moved behind Zaddy's head so I could see his view of the action. WOW! Ari rode that big dick like a champ, slamming his hole up and down on it, absolutely destroying it. He was in charge in that moment and Zaddy was eating up every second.

They flipped into mainstay missionary for their final position and Zaddy went to fucking town. He drilled Ari's hole. Their sweaty bodies glistened in the setting sun streaming through the window. Zaddy's hotness dripped onto Ari and I promised them I'd quote Gaga's “Rain On Me.” He certainly did rain on Ari as he railed his pussy. His fat cock filled that juicy crevice and he growled he was gonna cum. He pulled out long enough to spray Ari's sexy slit with his seed before shoving it back inside and breeding that beautiful boy hole. They panted and he pulled out again, showing off his paint job. Ari's ass and taint hair were covered in creamy cum that had dripped out of his pussy. Zaddy spread him open to show off the creampie and Ari gushed out more semen, driving them both wild. They kissed intensely and laughed, clutching each other tightly in sweaty celebration of one of our hottest scenes ever.

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