Avi Jacobs

Avi Jacobs

Proving great things really do come in small packages, Avi Jacobs is a pocket pistol of a sex pup. He's on the shorter side, which I love, and solid and sexy as hell. Good luck deciding between bending over for him or picking him up and tossing him around the bedroom.



Dark hair, perfect dick, fucking adorable smile, hypnotic blue bedroom eyes. West was a busy boy, but worth the wait. When we finally got him on GuyBone, there was no going back.


West Tops Avi Raw

It's quarantine porn! Thanks to COVID-19, production had been shut down indefinitely and I'd exhausted my content stockpile. GuyBone's only option for new scenes was to have real couples who were self-isolating together film their own porn to be premiered on the site. It was safe. It was smart. It was sexy. The first couple who sprang to mind was Avi and West. I'd filmed them separately several times but only twice together, and those were group scenes where they didn't fuck each other. When the opportunity presented itself, and they were interested, I was elated to finally get them in a one on one raw fuck scene.

Avi was pumping iron in their makeshift home gym when West entered and offered him a sex break. Avi jumped on the chance and ripped West's shorts off, revealing that incredibly handsome cock and low hanging nuts. In seconds, Avi was sucking his partner, stiffening that shaft and slurping happily. West was totally naked and rock hard rather quickly. He fed his tall dong to Avi, praising his “good boy” and guiding his head to deepthroat.

Avi stripped out of his own shorts, showing off that deliciously furry ass nestled in a jockstrap. He continued blowing West, getting his own bone just as hard as his hubby's. Their tatted, toned bodies and hairy everything were hot as hell. Whoever said couples get tired of sex with each other has clearly never met Avi and West, nor seen the sparks they ignite.

The jockstrap disappeared and both boys relaxed on the giant ottoman. Avi was on his knees between West's muscled legs, servicing his man's big, hard cock. West moaned and tossed his head back when he wasn't busy enjoying the show before him. Avi worshipped West's dick, kissing and swallowing it, giving special love and attention to his balls. I love seeing all sorts of guys with different, new guys, but there's something really sexy and sensual about being privy to off-camera partners' intimate playtime. That unlimited access and inside look is so fucking hot.

When Avi wasn't going down on West, he was toying with his steel rod, snapping it against his stomach, jerking it, simultaneously admiring and lusting after it. West wanted his ass so they traded places and he wet his hole well. He rimmed him like a pro, spitting on the furry wonder and diving his tongue deep between Avi's ass cheeks. The view from below was spectacular with West's ears and beard on display. He munched Avi's butt with intent. He was priming it for the impending raw ride.

Ready for the bareback fuck, the pups assumed doggie position, naturally, and West filled Avi up balls and bushy pubes deep with his fat dick. They watched their sex in the standing mirror, faces overjoyed and erotically charged. West's wet cock slid in and out of Avi's hole magnificently. What a show these two put on. West's juicy ass flexed with every hump. They continued doggie on the floor. Perhaps the yoga mat was easier to maneuver than the ottoman. They certainly gained speed, thrusting and spanking and really sexing each other hard. The bareback boning was unbelievably hot and it was evident they were already working their loads up.

Avi rolled over and let West enter him missionary, his sexy feet skyward, his ass a gift to his counterpart. West appreciated and also annihilated Avi's ass. His thick dick rammed the hairy hole, delivering ultimate pleasure to them both. West was first to cum. He jerked his meat until it exploded all over Avi's erection. Then he buried it back inside his butt to finish breeding his husband. That was enough to push Avi over the orgasm edge. Feeling West's raging hard-on pulsing against his prostate made him dump his load across his happy trail and toned tummy. They showed off Avi's used, ever sexy hole, then smooched a satisfying send off to all us shelter in place horn dogs.

Stay healthy and sane and most importantly, stay tuned, because we have more filmed-from-home-fun with BRIAN & MASON FLIP RAW 2

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