Ben Bailey

Ben Bailey

Ben Bailey is a studio guy who our model Truckee introduced us to. He's buff and tattooed, has an electric smile, rocks a slicked pony-tail, and has one of the biggest cocks we've filmed. He likes to get dirty working on cars and even dirtier working in the bedroom.

Truckee Rivers

Truckee Rivers

Truckee is one of the most unique GuyBone guys. He's got a punk haircut, a sexy beard, and a furry body that your eyes follow down to an enormous uncut cock. And he's limber, as anyone who watches his solo will see.


Truckee Tops Ben Raw

The last time we saw Ben and Truckee, they were fucking in a very orange hotel room and Ben was showing off his hot, very straight-acting, top skills.

Oh, how the times have changed.

Finally getting these two back to shoot for us again, we decided to flip the tables and have Truckee plow Ben's ass. And damn, did he ever!

The dynamic duo started off sucking face and nearly swallowing tongue. Fuck, these two had me hard as soon as they started kissing. Ben quickly pulled Truckee's huge uncut cock out of his underwear and sucked it to steel hardness. I loved seeing timid Truckee take the dominant reigns and literally beat his heavy cock against Ben's eager face. Sounded like it was going to leave a mark!

I had to cut Ben off, he was going to OD on Truckee's dick and I needed some variety in my footage. Truckee got to work blowing his partner, long, beautiful spit strings trailing from his lips to Ben's raging hard boner. He saved some of that spit for Ben's tight, puckered asshole, though, rimming him so fantastically that Ben couldn't wipe the fucking smile from his face.

You want to see chemistry in the sack? Look no further for proof than the still photos from this shoot. In nearly every photo, Ben and Truckee have huge grins spread across their faces, the true sign of sexual chemistry, in my opinion, is being able to laugh and have a fucking hot time at the same time in bed. And these two rock it like white on rice.

The two peas in a pod didn't waste a second getting to the focus of the scene - anal sex. I was very excited to see rugged mechanic Ben take a big dick up his rarely tapped ass, but in even more anticipation to see how strong of a top Truckee made, since I'd only seen him bottom thus far.

Truckee - holy fuck! The dude didn't lose his hardon once the whole shoot (which he attributes to eating Ben's ass). He was rock hard, confident, masculine, and took charge of the scene. He fucking turned me on is what he did! Pumping his thick shaft in and out of Ben's hole with the greatest of ease and perfection, Truckee surpassed all my expectations. He's a fucking hot top!

The two screwed in at least six positions (I honestly lost count, the amount of red hot bareback sex happening before me nearly melted my brain). Ben moaned, he writhed, he rode Truckee's cock and loved it. And I loved seeing his own enormous dick bouncing up and down with each thrust, slapping against his stomach, his balls doing a sex dance against his taint.

In the finale, Truckee pulled out, jerked, came just enough to show us he was cumming, and shoved his ever-erect dick back inside Ben's ass so that Ben could join him in gooey orgasm. Pumping the rest of his hot load into Ben's ass, Ben squealed in delight feeling the warm jizz fill his hole and shortly after, began oozing white, creamy cum from his own cock. Truckee bent over, still fucking Ben's hole, and caught the majority of Ben's load in his mouth. Fucking hot!

I honestly don't know how these two put on such an amazing show. They're like circus performers and this scene is their version of the best show on earth. Enjoy... it's very clear that they did.

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