Irish is a guy I've wanted to get on the site pretty much from the day it launched. He's got a cute, guy next door face and a rockin' hot, tight body complete with six pack abs. His dick is the perfect size - not too big, not too small, just right for any warm ass.

Trent Matthews

Trent Matthews

Trent is a good ole Southern boy with a drawl as sexy as his body and as thick as his dick. That steely face will charm your pants right off and then Trent will have his way with you, whether it's bending you over and fucking you or giving his bubble butt up to you generously. A pure gentleman and funny as hell, this guy next door has a heart as big and beefy as his legs!


Trent Tops Irish

No fuss. All fuck. That's the GuyBone way. But once in a while, we like to play around with classic porn scenarios. You still get real, amateur guys having hot hookups on camera, just with a tiny bit of gimmick. For Trent Matthews' set of three action scenes, we knew we wanted to have an awesome location and fun stories. Nothing complicated, just playful. Trent plays an employee at Leather Masters. Irish is the bad boy who gets busted shoplifting. You can imagine how much fun we all had with this! It's a great scene for firsts, as well. Trent's first action scene, Irish's first time bottoming for us, and our first on location shoot at Leather Masters. And good news - the items you see the models wearing can be purchased at the store or online!

Trent is busy stocking poppers in the back room when he catches Irish pocketing something on the security monitors. He confronts him, pulls the merchandise from his pocket, after a not-so-discreet dick graze, and gets Irish to confess he took it for his girlfriend. Well, Trent is not gonna let this fly. So he takes him to the back room and bends him over a bench. Why get the cops involved in petty theft if you can handle it yourself?

Trent rips Irish's jeans and underwear off, revealing a milky white ass ready for the taking. First, Trent must wet Irish's hole, so he spits on it and then rims it. Irish puts up little resistance as Trent throws a condom on his rock hard cock and shoves himself balls deep into that tight "straight boy" ass.

Trent teaches Irish a lesson in a variety of positions. None hotter, in my opinion, than Irish on his back, ass in the air, with Trent jackhammering down into him. Perfect view of that stiff dick fucking that hole to a looser state. I love seeing Trent pull out to show off Irish's gaping ass, proud of what his thick hardon has accomplished.

After giving Irish the proper punishment (or is it pleasure?), Trent pulls out and blows his load across his sub's butt cheeks and back. Such a fucking manly explosion. Trent is a sexy ass country boy who brings a whole lotta masculinity to the table. The two guys kicked back to watch some porn for Irish's cumshot, but before Irish could nut, Trent was ready to release his second load of jizz. His cum rained down on Irish's dick, providing lube for the wannabe thief. Forget the porn, Trent took irish's orgasm into his own hands and jerked off his new buddy on the bench. Irish came on his stomach, bellowing in ecstasy. Then Trent promptly told him to get the fuck outta his store.

Something tells me Irish knew the form of punishment that Trent would implement and that's why he stole in the first place. But as a good sport, Trent tosses the stolen goods to Irish as he boots his ass out, telling him to thank his girlfriend for the hot fuck. I get the feeling Irish will be back to try stealing again, most likely on Trent's shift.

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