Trent Matthews

Trent Matthews

Trent is a good ole Southern boy with a drawl as sexy as his body and as thick as his dick. That steely face will charm your pants right off and then Trent will have his way with you, whether it's bending you over and fucking you or giving his bubble butt up to you generously. A pure gentleman and funny as hell, this guy next door has a heart as big and beefy as his legs!

Zeke Johnson

Zeke Johnson

Zeke is a fucking hot muscle cub with plenty of hair and tattoos for you to drool over. And that smile, killer. With the guy next door charm we love and the insatiable sex addict drive we crave, this is one GuyBone guy you'll want to cum with again and again.


Trent and Zeke Flip

No fuss. All fuck. That's the GuyBone way. But once in a while, we like to play around with classic porn scenarios. You still get real, amateur guys having hot hookups on camera, just with a tiny bit of gimmick. For Trent Matthews' set of three action scenes, we knew we wanted to have an awesome location and fun stories. Nothing complicated, just playful. Trent plays an employee at Leather Masters and Zeke is his new coworker. Trent is more than happy to show newbie Zeke the ropes on his first day of work. And they're both happy to show off their sexy gear, all of which can be purchased at the store or online!

Trent is busy setting up the boot polishing station when excited Zeke approaches with a paddle. He loves wearing the merchandise and now wants to test the toys as well. Trent smiles and gives him a juicy ass to practice on. Couple spanks in, Zeke drops the paddle and sticks his tongue in Trent's bubble butt. It's instant boners for these two as Zeke rims Trent's hot hole.

Trent hops into the boot polishing chair but it's his knob he's looking to get polished. Zeke obliges, swallowing that thick cock balls deep, kissing the tip, and making Trent moan with pleasure. To enjoy the polishing station himself, Zeke sits down and lets Trent open the leather kilt he's sporting. There's his firm hardon, bursting from his brunette bush of pubes. Trent gobbles his cock up, teaching Zeke what it means to be a good coworker.

Up first, Zeke tops. He fucks thick-legged Trent doggie style and then on his back, hoisting those sexy construction boots sky high. He drives that rock hard shaft deep inside Trent, who gives vocal feedback in the form of grunts and oh, yeahs. Trent is a mountain of masculinity and it's fucking incredible to see him take a dick up his ass. They make that boot polishing station creak with every thrust and before long, it's time to flip.

With Zeke's ferociously furry hole nice and lubed up with SPUNK, Trent eases his girthy rod inside the warm workspace. Zeke was on all fours inside a cage, Trent nailing his ass from behind. Try not to notice Trent's biceps and abs flexing and tightening as he hangs onto the cage and thrusts his hips toward Zeke's butt. It's hypnotizingly hot.

Trent releases Zeke from his cage and plows him up against a mirror so they can both see how fucking studly they are as they screw. With a good, hard smack on the ass, Trent takes Zeke's hole for his own. Magic. Pure, insanely sexy magic. After the standing sex, Trent gets Zeke on his back on the floor and goes full throttle. Zeke cries out in ecstasy as Trent hammers his manhole. It's all either of them can do to save their cumshots for the big finish.

They stand together, kissing wildly, beating their dicks madly. Zeke is the first to blow, nutting a thick creamy load all over the camera. Trent uses watching him cum as inspiration and follows suit with his own torrential downpour of jizz. Both make it rain sticky drops of deliciousness. But before they can celebrate, their boss bursts in and declares how hard it is to find good help these days. Clean up on aisle two. Two sexy fuckers who just shot their seed all over the store, that is.

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