Jay Banks

Jay Banks

Jay Banks is a cool character. Slim, toned, and sexy as fuck, he seems shy and reserved until you get him naked in the sack. Then all inhibitions fly out the window and you're left with a sex maniac who has an insatiable lust for cock.

Scotland Grey

Scotland Grey

Scotland's tight, toned body is covered in a light coat of fur and his handsome, hefty dick gets rock hard really easily. His ass is perfection, as are his bad boy tats and angel smile. And when he cums, you'd better have your umbrella handy.


Scotland Tops Jay

Oh, yeah! This is it, fellas! Looking to get an instant boner? Look no further. From the cute and nervous first moments of Scotland and Jay fumbling with each others clothes and getting acquainted to their own styles of kissing, to Scotland almost cumming after a minute of Jay's phenomenal dick sucking skills, this is one for some great wanking! Sexy motherfuckers doing what they do best!

I'm a big fan of Scotland's cock. It's rock hard and tall and thick, straight as a fucking arrow. I'm an even bigger fan of watching a hot guy suck it. And Jay is one of my favorites to watch go down on pole. He deep throats like a champ and makes the sexiest slurping noises. Scotland sucked Jay's dick to steel erection, Jay's shroom head ready to pop, his loose and low-hanging nuts dangling. Two hot guys, two handsome dicks.

69 suck fun was in order as this duo got comfy and gave each other simultaneous head. 69 is so fun, getting to suck a hard cock while feeling yours getting blown at the same time. Such a turn on. Their toned bodies lying next to each other, their mouths full of their partners dick, moaning in delight.

Their first position for anal was spooning. Scotland got up behind and beside Jay, holding his thigh to the sky. He entered him fully, Jay whimpering in approval, their lips smacking and tongues flicking. It was really hot watching Jay's big balls do acrobats while Scotland thrust deep inside him.

Next, Jay climbed on top of Scotland's stiff dick and took a seat balls deep. I loved this position for the guys because they really grasped each others rhythm. When Scotland was tired of pumping up into Jay, Jay took charge and rode Scotland's cock. They passed the reigns back and forth and my dick was more than happy to see the chemistry unfold. The sound of skin slapping skin during a good screw is enough to drive anyone wild and these two had great audio.

Both of the boys have such bushy, hairy assholes. Total pleasure to watch all that action in their nether regions. Hairy legs, scruffy beards, fuzzy tummies. These two looked just plain sexy together. Scotland flipped Jay into missionary and drove his dick hard and fast into his ass. The bed squeaked, the bottom shrieked, a good time was had by all. But probably the hottest position was standing doggie style, Scotland ramming Jay's butt from behind, pinning him against the headboard. The amount of force with which they were fucking was incredibly arousing, for them and me.

Neither could wait too long to bust. Hell, Scotland wanted to cum after a minute of getting head, remember. Glad he called cut before that happened or we wouldn't have got this great scene. Scotland ended up jerking and shooting onto Jay's face, splattering his spunk on his nose and letting Jay clean the rest off his cock. Jay's talented tongue licked every drop from the inside of Scotland's dick hole. Then Jay stroked himself to completion, milking out a thick load of jizz while Scotland knelt bedside watching in wonder. Then he cleaned his costars cock off, too. Love a couple guys who know how good cum is and like to end a scene with a taste. Grab some SPUNK Lube and enjoy this scene as much as we did!

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