Cody Winter

Cody Winter

In a short time, Cody Winter has made a name for himself and filmed with several popular sites. Grateful to get this muscular stud on ours, Cody doesn't have the ego you might expect from a porn star. In fact, quite the opposite.

Ryan Powers

Ryan Powers

Toned and towering, this svelte stud makes a great impression with everyone he meets. Piercing puppy dog eyes hang over his juicy, pouting lips and when he flashes that easy smile, you have no choice but to melt. His furry body begs to be cuddled with while he rubs his heavy, stiff cock all over you.


Ryan Tops Cody Raw

Cody Winter was brand new to GuyBone, but had previously filmed with Ryan Powers for another site. And thank fuck, because they'd already worked up an intense chemistry that flowed naturally for us. Starting right off with Ryan standing on the bed and Cody sucking his hard dick, the boys got into it aggressively for my camera. Cody and Ryan are both super pros and there was little I could suggest or request, they had it all covered. Cody deepthroated Ryan's giant, swollen cock as Ryan played with his hole and spanked his firm ass.

Then they were in a sexy doggy position, Ryan licking and sucking at Cody's back door. Cody's moans were unbelievably hot. And the way he ignored the fourth wall and looked directly at the camera, as if begging the viewer to come along for the wild ride, was so fucking sexy.

Ryan lubed his behemoth boner with SPUNK and slid it into Cody's ready hole. He rammed his rod into his costar in doggy at the edge of the bed. Cody said exactly what I was thinking as Ryan fucked him hard and raw, “that's good dick, that's good fuckin' dick.” Ryan held onto Cody's hips which were waistbanded with the jockstrap he kept on the entire scene. He drove his dick in deep and relentlessly. Cody couldn't get enough and gave his ass up willingly.

Bearded, tatted otter Ryan was in total dom top mode. He pulled out and spit into Cody's hole for extra wetness, then humped his way back inside him. He choked his costar a bit and Cody begged for more. He was extra flexible and contorted into whatever position Ryan desired. Next up was riding it. Cody bucked and bounced on Ryan's hard dick, looking over his shoulder to see the sexy bareback action below.

Cody's body was perfectly chiseled and athletic, his ass incredibly accommodating. And Ryan looked beyond hot with his knee high sports socks pulled up, his hairy body owning every inch of smooth Cody. They moved back to doggy at the edge of the bed, their obvious favorite, and continued screwing. You couldn't muffle Cody, not that you'd want to. His cries of pleasure were echoing off every wall. Ryan slammed his stiff dick into his butt, hard and repeatedly, until he came. He pulled out, showed us a bit of his seed, then stuffed it back inside Cody to breed him.

Ryan removed his cum covered cock from Cody's used, sloppy hole and tossed it in his mouth. Cody gulped it down, balls deep, and began jerking his own impressive cock. Uncut and hard as hell, he laid back on the bed and stroked his shaft as Ryan kissed him, worked over his nipples, fingered his asshole, and basically served as the incredible eye candy any of us would need to get off.

As expected, Cody's whimpers only grew louder and more intense as he neared orgasm. And then he was cumming, releasing squirt after squirt of hot jizz, pumping out of his piss slit onto his jockstrap, washboard abs, and toned torso. Ryan licked it up and spit the sperm filled snowball into Cody's mouth. He gave his chest a congratulatory slap and they settled in for a long night's slumber. You know, until their next fuck. Knowing these two and their track record of ending up as fantastic costars on multiple sites, I don't think it'll be too long until that happens.

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