Ryan Powers

Ryan Powers

Toned and towering, this svelte stud makes a great impression with everyone he meets. Piercing puppy dog eyes hang over his juicy, pouting lips and when he flashes that easy smile, you have no choice but to melt. His furry body begs to be cuddled with while he rubs his heavy, stiff cock all over you.

Zeke Johnson

Zeke Johnson

Zeke is a fucking hot muscle cub with plenty of hair and tattoos for you to drool over. And that smile, killer. With the guy next door charm we love and the insatiable sex addict drive we crave, this is one GuyBone guy you'll want to cum with again and again.


Ryan and Zeke Flip Raw

Having hung out on the couch for a bit, Ryan and Zeke, who'd had online crushes on each other but never met in person, broke the sexual tension ice when Ryan made the first move, leaning over and kissing Zeke full on the mouth. They then rapidly undressed, showing off their ridiculously furry, sexy bodies. With the hookup completely underway, Ryan went down on Zeke's raging hardon.

His thick beard and mustache looked macho and trucker masculine as he slurped Zeke's thick boner. Both their bodies were decorated in tats and dark hair. Ryan's dick swelled and throbbed and bounced down below as he deepthroated Zeke's handsome cut cock on the couch. He stood up and offered his schlong to Zeke, who happily gulped it down. His head and mouth didn't seem quite big enough to fit that hefty of a hardon, but he managed just fine. He wet the shaft with his spit and stroked Ryan's big balls with his hand.

Zeke's own scruffy mug looked equally sexy slurping down stiff dick. Ryan slapped his rod against Zeke's tongue and continued humping his face. Zeke slid from couch to knees to better worship the hulking cock in front of him. He played with his own dick as he blew Ryan's. They were both so fucking happy to finally be meeting (and meating) each other. Ryan turned Zeke and bent him over the couch and spread his fuzzy butt cheeks. He spit on his hole and began rimming his costar.

Face buried so deep in ass all I could see was trucker hat and brunette curls, Ryan ate out Zeke ferociously. He got him horned up even more, then lubed with SPUNK and slowly slid his dick into that velvet underground. He did Zeke in doggie, thrusting intently but gently. Zeke reached back and took hold of Ryan's toned thighs, pulling him closer, encouraging him to fuck deeper. Ryan's raw cock picked up the pace and he put a leg up to deliver a deeper dicking to the hungry cub.

Ryan pulled his pulsating prick out of Zeke's warm hole and spun him around to sit and suck a spell. Zeke tweaked his own stone nipples as Ryan tasted his cock again. Yes, he enjoyed sucking, but he had an ulterior motive in mind. He was wetting that dick for a ride. He climbed on top of seated Zeke and lowered his hole onto the hard work surface. Zeke's hairy nuts danced as Ryan began riding his pole. I fucking love vers guys. I fucking love when they flip. And I especially love when they do it bareback.

The guys' moans started to harmonize and they were singing the most beautifully orgasmic tune. At one point, they even sang "fuck" in total sync. Had they rehearsed this number beforehand, or as I concluded, were their bodies and minds just totally aligned with each other? Ryan's fit otter bod playfully bounced higher and higher on Zeke's lap, stabbing his ass with that stiff dick. I'd never seen Zeke so hard and such a hot top in all the years I'd filmed with him. He was into Ryan so extremely, which I found riveting to watch. Ryan sat completely back on Zeke's boner, feeling the entirety of it in his hole. He writhed on it, sending them both into shivers and shrieks of ecstasy.

They switched positions on the couch, but not roles. Zeke continued to fuck Ryan raw, his steel cock sliding effortlessly in and out of the hung hottie's hole. Ryan bellowed and whimpered and Zeke jerked his cock and screwed him silly. He filled him full of meat and pounded away toward paradise. Zeke was about to cum, so he pulled out to shoot on Ryan's taint, but then Ryan caught up to his cumshot and sped right past him. He pumped out a hot, white load of baby batter and Zeke decided to flip one more time to get himself off.

Ryan fucked Zeke a final round and made the cute cubcake cum all over his hairy tummy. He beat his chest in celebration and kissed his lips, tasted the seed painted on his happy trail, and kissed him again. They'd shared one helluva hot hookup, hopefully just the first in a long line. So glad I was there to capture it for them, and for you, and for myself. Woof! Enjoy!

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