Ruckus is a studio guy who is just as much fun as his name suggests. He's gritty, masculine, and bi. He's got grease under his nails from working on his motorcycle and is literally covered in hot tattoos and piercings.

Zeke Johnson

Zeke Johnson

Zeke is a fucking hot muscle cub with plenty of hair and tattoos for you to drool over. And that smile, killer. With the guy next door charm we love and the insatiable sex addict drive we crave, this is one GuyBone guy you'll want to cum with again and again.


Ruckus Tops Zeke

Tats and boners. Pretty much sums up these two sexpots. I'd been dying to film something in a car, so when the opportunity finally presented itself with Ruckus and Zeke, all of us were really excited to try it. We found a nice shady spot and parked the car. They were already boned in the backseat and I just had to start rolling. Heavy petting led to Zeke's rock hard dick being pulled out of his comfy shorts (in which he was going commando, of course). Ruckus wasted no time bending over and spitting on that stiff shaft. He licked Zeke's piss slit and swollen head, then swallowed his entire cock balls deep.

Zeke was eager to taste Ruckus' hardon, so he pulled it from his jeans, along with his loose, hairy balls, and plopped it in his wet mouth. He sucked and slurped and made Ruckus' head roll back in ecstasy.

When we realized the backseat might not be conducive enough for fucking and filming, we hopped the gate into a residential alleyway and dropped drawers. Ruckus spit into Zeke's ass and nibbled a little to loosen his costar up. Then it was condom and SPUNK Lube on, dick in. Fucking Zeke against a chimney totally did it for Ruckus, who leaned back against a fence, shoving his shroom-headed cock deeper into that tight, dark, hairy hole.

Then he took a seat on a bench and let Zeke sit down on his stiff dick. He thrust hard and fast into that perfect ass, balls slapping as he pounded. Both guys moaned with delight and once they'd got their fill of fucking, sat next to each other on the bench and rubbed out two hot loads. Zeke shot first, a creamy load on Ruckus' thigh. He scooped it up with his hand and ate it, which pushed Ruckus over the edge and made him jizz all down his dick and balls and fist. Zeke hunched over and gobbled that cum up, too. Hungry piggy.

These two tatted, hung studs gave me my first taste of filming in a car. There will definitely be more to come, and more of these sexy fuckers as well.

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