If his accent isn't enough to drive you wild, Beamz is sure to get you hard with his beaming smile, sexy lips, and bedroom eyes. This kid bottoms like he's been doing it on camera for years. He loves big dicks in his tight hole.

Pedro Roxy

Pedro Roxy

Pedro is tall, hung, and stunningly sexy. With a tight torso and ass of steel, this stretch of a stud knows how to suck a dick, fuck an ass, and everything in between. He's also incredibly sweet.


Pedro Tops Beamz

My process has always been to solo audition the models before putting them on camera with a costar. This ensures they can stay hard and cum in front of an audience without wasting another guys time. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, and in this case, both Pedro and Beamz were those exceptions.

Both guys had shown interest in working with GuyBone and were scheduled for solo auditions, but as chance would have it, we'd booked a room to film another scene in and ended up with more time than we thought, so we scrambled to find two models to "fill the void." Pedro and Beamz were both available on short notice, and since they were doing me a favor, I decided to skip the solo auditions and put them together for one "hopefully" hot fucking audition.

Beamz had only bottomed for one guy... ever... but loved it and wanted to do it more... on camera. This was a dream come true, not only for GuyBone, but for Pedro, whose 8.5 inches of fat cock were rock hard at the thought of tapping that tight of a hole.

The two hit it off immediately and I knew there was nothing to worry about. Beamz got to work sucking on that monster rod and smacking it against his face... hard! Pedro pulled Beamz's stiff dick out of his pants and gave him one of the wettest, sexiest blow jobs I've ever seen. His full lips wrapped around Beamz's boner and he gagged on the entire length of the shaft. Then it was time to finger and rim his prey. He got Beamz's tight asshole nice and wet with his flexible tongue, then condomed/lubed up with SPUNK for the true test: would Beamz be able to handle THAT big of a cock his second time up to bat?

The answer was a resounding YES as he flipped and fucked and rode and got deep-dicked by Pedro's gigantic rod. Pedro was a fucking hot, confident top, pounding his costar's ass with no apologies. Beamz moaned and whimpered but Pedro did not relent. He continued driving that massive shaft between Beamz's butt cheeks.

After countless positions (can you blame Beamz for wanting to try it ALL?) the two guys laid next to each other and jerked. Between passionate, face-eating kisses, the studs would glance down at each other's stiff dicks and get even harder, even closer to climax. Of course, I was completely hard as well, feeling as if some school boy fantasy of watching two classmates stroke side by side was coming true before my unblinking eyes. Both shot excellent loads, but especially Beamz, who without a doubt has found his sexual niche.

Pedro loved the feeling of Beamz's near-virgin ass closing tightly and warmly around his meaty cock. Beamz loved the feeling of Pedro's big dick pushing halfway into his gut. And I loved the fact that these two were better off auditioning together, nothing "hopefully" about it, in one of my new favorite scenes!

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