Max is our resident straight guy who I kept hoping would decide he's just curious enough to get blown by another GuyBone guy. Lucky me, I got my wish. He's adorable in a smoldering, mysterious way and has a great body with a thick uncut cock.


Max's Fleshjack Solo

The only straight GuyBone guy to date, Max, returned for his second shoot and we decided to shake things up a bit with a Fleshjack Ice.

Max is hot because, for one, he isn't ready to try sexual stuff with other guys, and two, he's got a smoldering sexy look about him that just doesn't quit. He glances at the camera, licking his lips and smiling, totally eating up the fact that I'm rock hard on the other end of the lens and can't do anything about it. In other words, he's one hell of a cock tease.

He stuffed his lubed up, chunky as fuck, uncut cock inside the Fleshjack and went to work. He stroked on his back, he stroked on his knees, he stroked standing up. With each new position, Max grew closer and closer to climax, until he just couldn't keep the cum back anymore and bust a nice thick load onto his flat stomach. The excess globbed down his gleaming shaft and he rubbed it in with his hand.

Until the day this straight GuyBone guy is ready to test the waters of sex with another man, I'll keep bringing him back for hot and different solos. Can't say no to something that looks so good, right?

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