Avi Jacobs

Avi Jacobs

Proving great things really do come in small packages, Avi Jacobs is a pocket pistol of a sex pup. He's on the shorter side, which I love, and solid and sexy as hell. Good luck deciding between bending over for him or picking him up and tossing him around the bedroom.



WOOF! Super sexy pup Lindo has been on my radar for some time and thanks to his bud, Avi Jacobs, we finally got to film! Armed with a smile and Adam's apple that will devastate your very existence in the best way possible, he's dashing, dreamy, and incredibly doable.


Lindo Tops Avi Raw

Art imitating life found off camera fuck bud pups Avi and Lindo snuggled up on the sofa, smooching and stroking. I'd wanted Lindo as long as I'd wanted Avi, and being the close friends they were, it finally happened. Such a sexy duo. The sparks were immediately evident. From them coincidentally showing up in matching jockstraps to their language on set, these real life friends made it the easiest debut scene Lindo could have ever hoped for. Get ready for a wild fucking raw romp!

Their mouthwatering manhoods swelled to perfection as they sucked face sweetly on the sofa. Their twin jocks were sexy as fuck, especially with their big, stiff dicks bulging out. They kissed hard and passionately and smashed their cocks together, instantly sending me over the edge. So fucking hot watching these two pups bang their bones together. It only made them harder, hornier.

Their tatted, toned bodies complimented one another and Lindo's ridiculously furry chest was driving me wild. Avi made his way from hairy nip to dick tip, kissing and licking and sucking. He pawed at Lindo's towering erection and pulled it from its cloth prison. He took it deep between his lips and let Lindo face fuck him gently. He worked his shaft well, covering it in slobber and stroking it fiercely. Lindo's intensely girthy boner filled Avi's mouth completely. They swapped spots and Lindo drove Avi wild with his sucking skills.

There was no keeping Avi off Lindo's cock, though, and he was quickly back to blowing it. They beat each other's dicks and jerked them violently then Avi dropped down on Lindo's large one again. Lindo reached over Avi's smooth back to finger his hairy hole. He was beyond ready to be inside him, as evident by how hard his dick snapped against his chest when Avi pulled and released. But the fucking would have to wait, there was more foreplay in store.

Lindo told Avi to stand on the couch so he could swallow his cock. Avi enjoyed the view out the window as Lindo gulped down his beautiful bone. Avi made his way to the back of the couch so he could feed his dick to Lindo from above. Lindo took it a step further by sliding down in his seat to rim Avi from underneath. He ravaged his hole with his tongue, only coming up for air to move his costar into doggie on the other end of the couch.

He rimmed him more, marveling in how amazingly handsome his hairy hole was. After eating his ass proper and giving plenty of masculine, grunting woofs, Lindo could wait no more to fill Avi's hole with his large cock. He got him on his back on the coffee table and entered him slowly. Avi, who had experienced Lindo's bareback dick plenty before, still had his breath taken away each time the top plundered his bum. Can't blame him, it's a fucking big, sturdy dick. I'd call it Little Lindo, but there's nothing little about it.

Lindo stroked Avi's stiff cock while sliding his own in and out of that deliciously fuzzy peach of an ass. They kept the SPUNK Lube handy because you gotta be slick when playing with toys that big. It made the task at hand easier and soon they were fucking freely. Lindo's massive, veiny shaft filled Avi's tight hole completely, pulling at skin and hair in the sexiest of ways. He grabbed Avi round the ankles and spread his legs to get inside him deeper. They were both so goddamn horny it was impossible not to tent my own shorts, to feel their intense energy.

They pulled at each other's collars, tags jingling with the rhythm of their raw screwing. Lindo was pure pit bull, owning Avi's hole with his incredible tool. It was only fitting they fuck doggie style next, being the outrageous horn dogs they were. I was gifted a great undershot of Lindo buried balls deep inside Avi's perfect ass. He pounded Avi's prostate hard, bringing himself to climax, shooting his load deep into that delicious derrière. After breeding his boy, Lindo got the leg shakes, so they took a break before he boned him some more, making sure that seed was buried deep. Then they moved to the couch, seated across from each other, Avi getting his somehow still tight ass finger banged by Lindo, each of them jerking their own dicks off. Yes, Lindo came a second time, the followup externally to show it off. Feeling his cum inside Avi's warm ass no doubt did the trick of getting him to cum again so quickly, blasting a load of white hot jizz onto his pubes and trim tummy. With Lindo's fingers feeling around knuckles deep inside him, Avi came, too, hard and wet, erupting his pup protein all over his happy trail, almost up to his nipples. Lindo scooped it up and ate it then they sat up into a sexy smooch, some growls, and one very satisfying scene for two of man's best friends.

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