Axel Flint

Axel Flint

Axel Flint is a sexy, trim swimmer who has one of the hottest grins I've ever seen. This guy smiles and literally lights up a room, not to mention my dick. When he's not flashing his pearly whites, he's teasing with that perfect happy trail that leads to a thick, hard, hefty cock and a handful of heavy balls.

Kip Ryker

Kip Ryker

One of GuyBone's tallest models, Kip Ryker is all Southern charm and hospitality. His subtle accent grabs your attention and his striking features hold it. Lean, flexible and hung, he's sexy as fuck and a total romantic.


Kip Tops Axel

Fuck, do I love a scene with a good soundtrack! No, I'm not talking about cheesy porn music. I'm referring to the sounds made by two guys enjoying a good screw. Kip and Axel's moans and slurps and kisses and sounds were all music to my ears. These two didn't need to speak to communicate that they were thoroughly in tune with each others bodies.

With some hot making out, the guys got started. Shirts came off, pants dropped to the floor. Axel's expanding rod grew to full length inside Kip's wet and hungry mouth. Kip loves sucking a nice dick. Don't we all? His tongue worshipped Axel's incredible cock and made sure not to forget to give his balls some love, too. I had some fun with the angles while Axel returned the oral favor to Kip. Shooting from underneath, I got an awesome view of Axel deepthroating Kip's boner. From above, I got hard myself watching Axel lick and gnaw on the shaft of Kip's curved cock. And finally, from the side, it was magic seeing Axel lick and suck Kip's cherry-colored nuts. After bouncing them on his tongue, he returned to swallow Kip's dick balls deep, hands free. Axel is a master head giver.

Kip desperately wanted two things during this shoot - to taste Axel's tight, hairy hole and to taste his costar's hot, thick cum. Axel and I were more than happy to make his filming dreams come true. I was captivated watching Kip eat out Axel's ass with his glistening tongue and dancing tongue ring. Axel moaned in delight, of course, because he loves getting rimmed. Kip took his time and did it right, making sure Axel was completely wet and ready for the fucking he was about to receive.

Seems in this scene, Axel took more control of the reigns as an aggressive bottom. He spent most of his time riding Kip's big boner, feeling that nice, thick hardon slide in and out of his ass. I'm cool with a dominant bottom. Shows they're really into it and enjoying the ride. Why not let them have some power? Kip seemed to think it felt good, regardless. I imagine I'd have to agree with him. He got his turn as strong top, though. Particularly when he had Axel bent in half against the dresser, legs sky high, plunging his curvy cock back and forth across Axel's SPUNK soaked prostate. He looked hot as fuck driving his dick into that fur-covered crevice. And Axel looked especially hot with his feet trying to balance him on the dresser, his muscled thighs working in rhythm with Kip's fuck thrusts.

After the guys couldn't wait any longer, Kip was ready to receive his second request. Axel's load. I am a sucker for a facial. Watching one guy unload his cum onto another's face. Mmmm. These two gave me a great show as Axel shot his load, so thick and creamy, directly into Kip's gaping mouth. Kip swallowed and enjoyed every drop. Then it was only a minute or so, as Axel teased his nipples and he licked the cum from his own lips, until Kip also came. He busted a few nice ribbons across his stomach and I can only assume he was relishing the recent one-man-bukkake he'd just received for a fuck well done. Every time someone busts their nut in my face, I'm ready to cum in a near instant.

These two looked hot on camera together, they had fun filming, and you get to jerk off to their experience. It's a good day for everyone. Happy cumming!

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