Coach Bator

Coach Bator

A self-proclaimed 'trashy motel fuckwadd', I've never met anyone quite as excited to be in porn as Coach Bator. Like, the seedier the porn, the better, too. He wants it dirty, depraved, and deliciously degenerate.



Built like a hunky, hairy tank, Kano looks intimidating at first glance, but don't let that gruff and tuff exterior fool you. He's one of the sweetest, sexiest shy guys I've filmed. With a smile that lights up every room at once, a beefy body and bulging biceps you want him to crush you with, and a hot veiny cock perfect for sucking and fucking, Kano is the very definition of drool worthy.


Kano Tops Coach Raw

Jay Davis inducted Coach to the GuyBone family and now it’s Coach’s turn to induct a buddy. And goddamn if he didn’t pick a perfect candidate in Kano. DROOL. Kano is all beefy teddy bear, sexy as he is sweet. Charming and cocksure and ready to roll in the hay at a moment’s notice. WOOF! These two were so steamed up to get down and dirty (or in this case oily) on camera. They were so turned on, they forgot about wrestling in their singlets and went straight to the sexy stuff. Fine by me, why waste time with unnecessary rough housing. There would be plenty of bro bonding in the scene as is. And honestly, isn’t fucking akin to wrestling anyhow? Hey baby, wanna wrestle?

Kano freed Coach’s cock from his spandex suit first and dropped to his knees, a born dick sucker like myself. He slobbed Coach’s knob with expertise and I couldn’t help feeling jealous on my side of the camera. Lucky lucky guys, getting to have this much fun with each other. Hey, at least we all get to watch!

Coach’s hairy cock climbed out of the leg of his wrestling uniform, directly into Kano’s hungry mouth. His mustached lips looked so hot gulping down Coach’s rod. He nibbled his nipples and flexed like a good jock when Coach requested. They slid into a scintillating 69 on the mat and I reveled in watching Kano’s girthy uncut manhood expand and swell inside Coach’s eager mouth. These boys were boned to the max and I was watching oral excellence.

The moans coming from Kano were as delicious as I’m sure his dick was. Coach knows how to tease his boys, and his tongue did dances around Kano’s cock, making him squirm and shake with delight. Coach smirked, knowing exactly what he was doing. They got on their knees and grabbed the oil, cause what’s a wrestling match without some slickness. They rubbed all over each other’s bodies, glistening fur and shining skin. They fondled, they manhandled, they stroked, and they toyed. Fuck, so hot!

Juicy wet penis pulling sounds and grunts filled the room as they jerked each other and continued to oil up their sexy bodies. Boy and Coach, getting in some after hours practice on the mat. Kano couldn’t keep his mouth off Coach’s cock, can ya blame him? They took turns worshipping each other’s hairy, horny bodies. Kano gave Coach a wedgie and a reach around - man, these two were on fire for one another. Singlets got strewn aside and more oil lubed up their already smooth bodies. Their intimacy and chemistry matched their libidos. Kano was on Coach’s bone again, swallowing it deep, always aiming to please his partner.

Nothing gets Kano harder than a dick in his mouth. So it was on his knees servicing Coach once more to ready his own boner for the impending bareback fuck. God, this kid can suck dick. Love watching his mouth wrap around shaft and suck to his heart’s content. You can just see how in heaven he is. And Coach met him there, obviously happy with all the oral he was receiving.

I can’t express how instantly erect I get seeing Kano enter Coach the first time. The aggressive tenderness and concern for his bottom’s well being is insanely hot. He doesn’t want to hurt Coach, he wants him to feel incredible. And Coach’s guidance and instruction is such a turn on. They work together seamlessly to create some of the hottest raw sex I’ve ever seen. To be filled up by Kano’s cock. To feel Coach’s tight hole wrapped around your pole. Exquisite on both ends, boys.

Once Kano was completely inside Coach, he had permission to bang away and he did. His heavy nuts slammed against Coach’s butt, creating beautiful boner-inducing music. Coach’s cheeks rippled with the rhythm. Kano hugged his hips and rocketed his cock in and out of his Coach. Fucking beast of a top and one very horny boy! He got deep inside Coach and drove his dick hard and hot. He pinned him to the mat and claimed victory over his hole.

Standing against the locker, Coach gave up his ass to his boy. Kano banged him hard against the metal, railing his erection in and out of him. They fucked fast and furious and when his legs couldn’t hold out anymore, Kano took a seat and positioned himself under Coach for the celebratory confetti shower. Coach couldn’t quit raining his cum down on Kano’s face if he tried. So much jizz. He covered Kano’s face and deflated, patting his good muscle boy on the head. Fuck! I love a facial. Kano returned the favor, thick thighs squatting over top of Coach, stroking his stiffy, all that gorgeous chest and belly fur on full display. His engorged, vein riddled cock edged nearer climax and finally erupted all over Coach’s ready face. And neck. And wrestling mat. So much creamy boy batter jettisoned from his piss slit. Coach tasted the protein shake straight from the tap and they thanked each other for a hot match and an even hotter fuck. Time to hit the showers, fellas!

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