Edison Garett

Edison Garett

Cute as can be, Edison Garett is one of the sexiest shy guys I've ever met. But don't be fooled, he's not shy once the camera starts rolling. A true exhibitionist, his inhibitions disappear between the sheets and he transforms into an honest to goodness sex machine.

Joel Someone

Joel Someone

Joel Someone might have the hottest, most exciting sexual energy of anyone I've ever worked with. He's like the uncle I wanted when I was young. The one I desperately fantasized about fucking.


Joel Tops Edison Raw

Joel and Edison were beyond excited to film with each other. They'd found one another on Twitter and hit it off extremely well. The natural next step was to have me film their first encounter, which I was beyond excited to do. With everyone beyond excited, we knew this scene was going to be fucking fantastic. And it is. Buckle up, buds, you're in for quite the treat!

Joel stood on Edison's bed, which had him feeling all sorts of dom cuz he had his boots and camo pants on. For a few minutes, anyway. He lowered the waist of his pants and let his hot, hardening cock flop out, falling directly into a very hungry Edison's eager and attentive mouth.

Joel coached his new bud on exactly how he wanted his raging erection sucked. He praised his good boy as Edison gagged on the girthy rod and got thick spit all over his beard. The boy made hot gurgling sounds as he choked on the super hard cock, almost speaking a second language of lust. He worshipped Joel's hairy balls and kissed the tip of his prick with absolute admiration in his eye. They kissed sweetly before Joel had Edison hang over the side of the bed for some deep deep deep-throating lessons.

As Joel leaned over the young, bearded stud, lying flat on top of him, Edison swallowed the hot cock between his lips. Joel was balls deep down his throat and Edison gripped his more mature costar for dear life as he nearly lost his breath blowing that big, stiff dick. Joel face fucked him hard then hopped off the bed, wiped away his tears, kissed him, and rewarded him with a cradling.

Cut to Joel stripping out of his clothes completely, Edison worshipping his sexy feet. He rubbed them all over his face and sucked and licked and kissed them before Joel turned him over and pulled his shorts down, just far enough to see that beautiful hole begging to be played with. It winked at its new best friend and Joel stuck his tongue inside. He licked the boy's hairy asshole and spread his cheeks wide for us all to see. He slid a spit-soaked finger inside and began loosening the young man to the knuckle. He rimmed him, he kissed him, he fingered him and more. When Edison was ready to receive something a bit bigger than a digit, Joel mounted him and delivered his dick in doggie. Edison's shorts were still hugging his furry butt cheeks, Joel's mammoth cock slamming into him just inches above. What a sensational sight!

Joel's own hairy asshole puckered as he fucked Edison raw. Their two beautiful bodies banged together in the most bodacious way. And Edison's audio was stellar. The kid could moan! He produced sounds I've never heard before, from him or anyone. I couldn't quit smiling, not because he sounded funny, but because he sounded like he was having the best time of his fucking life and I got to live vicariously through him. What a rush!

Joel continued the instructions as he filled Edison's insides with his man meat and a fuck ton of air. He began creating a suction around his cock every time he entered the sub. The slurping and gasping noises were so hot! Joel banged Edison out bareback in doggie before flipping him onto his back for some legs up action.

He had his boy nice and gaped and begging for more. That delicious curve delivered exactly what Edison needed against his prostate. He shrieked in ecstasy and grabbed the sheets. Joel stabbed his hole with his stiff sword. He screwed him to the mattress and stroked his hard, uncut cock while he pumped him full of pud. Edison made the absolute best sex faces ever. Half horror movie, half happy puppy, all entertainment.

I requested to see Edison riding Joel's boner because I knew it'd look hot. Sure enough. I also loved how the bouncing boy went between taking charge and also relinquishing control so Joel could slam his big dick and balls all up in and on his hole. They were such a fucking fit. When Joel pulled Edison backwards onto his chest, legs splayed open happy baby style, their sex looked so fucking spot on! WOOF!

Joel wanted to see Edison's hidden talent, his superpower hands-free cumshot, so the kiddo obliged. He sat on Joel's massive hard-on and did whatever it is that he does, erupting an enormously hot load of boy batter out of his dick. It fountained down his shaft and onto his pubes. It rained on Joel's happy trail. It was beautiful. Joel wasn't done fucking though, and he picked up where he left off as soon as Edison had cum, sending the young stud into postcoital convulsions.

Joel punished his sensitive hole with extended pleasure until he was also ready to shoot. He leapt to his feet and blasted his sperm across Edison's bearded mug in a righteous facial. He bellowed his battle cry and shook the seed from his piss slit. Edison gulped down that hot cum like he was dying of thirst. What made it into his mouth and not all over his pillows, that is. Guarantee he slept on those jizz-sprayed sheets that night, with fucking pleasure. And rightfully so. We'd all want to keep that souvenir of our hardcore fuck with Joel Someone for as long as we could. Badge of honor. Til laundry day, anyway.

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