Jacob Banks

Jacob Banks

Jacob hails from Texas, where what they say is true, everything is bigger. He's skinny, has adorable ears, and perfectly coifed hair. He's also packing one of the biggest cocks to ever grace GuyBone.

Luke Bennett

Luke Bennett

Smoldering bedroom eyes lure you in and a rock hard, straight as an arrow 9" dick hooks you. Luke Bennett is more than just pretty eyes and a big cock, though. He's a gentleman, he's funny, and he's great in the sack.


Jacob Tops Luke Raw

Welcome back Jacob Banks! Our hung Texan returns for some steamy sex with new GuyBone guy Luke Bennett. Both these guys have huge cocks and I was elated to get them together for Luke's first scene with us. To top it off, they wanted to screw bareback, and had such a great time doing it, we ended up with 10 extra minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

They made out really passionately on the bed, Jacob's gargantuan cock rock hard from the word action. Luke could definitely feel it rubbing against his thigh, so he slid into position and pulled it out of Jacob's gym shorts. If Luke Bennett has a claim to fame, it's got to be his ability to deep throat a dick with no gag reflex. This kid gulps down cock like an anaconda at feeding time. It's hot as hell to watch, so I can only imagine it felt great for Jacob. His face verified that.

The guys traded spots and Jacob sucked Luke's equally impressive boner. These two with their giant dicks. Fuck yes! He licked the shaft and tip so sexily. I could tell he had something even better on his mind, and sure enough, he was hungry to rim. He turned Luke over and ate his ass like that anaconda at feeding time I mentioned. These two couldn't get enough of each others bodies.

Luke said nothing gets him as turned on as giving head, so he wanted one more session of blowing Jacob. I will never say no to watching hot dick sucking. Luke buried his face in Jacob's thighs, swallowing that big dick balls deep. Now that they'd given me a great show of foreplay, it was on to the bareback attraction.

They started with Jacob entering Luke in missionary. Luke only gasped for a second, and from there it was pretty much a free pass for Jacob to fuck him as hard as he wanted. And that he did. That incredible hardon sliding in and out, skin to skin, was something wild to behold. I loved how close they got, kissing, grabbing necks and torsos, pulling each other in tight. It was as passionate as it was pure pounding.

Jacob flipped Luke over and slammed his ass doggie style. Eventually he pushed him flat into the pillows and claimed his ass as his own. He stamped his name all over Luke's bouncing butt cheeks. I'm not sure which was louder, their moaning and cursing from pleasure or the bed squeaking from the amount of humping it was enduring. Both the guys and the bed were getting a workout, that's for damned sure.

Luke wanted to be on his back to finish so Jacob granted him that wish. They fucked hard and fast, some of the best raw action I've filmed. As Jacob jackhammered his SPUNK slathered ass, Luke shot a hot load across his pubes and sexy furry tummy. Then Jacob pulled out, jerked off, and erupted what seemed like gallons of jizz onto Luke's chest, face, and pillow. He literally made Luke his cum bucket.

It was so nice to film with Jacob again. His dick is stiff as soon as the camera rolls, and he's always a pleasure to have on set. And Luke makes an incredibly hot addition to the GuyBone roster. Can't wait to see who he films with next!

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