Aaron Burke

Aaron Burke

Aaron Burke is one helluva sexy bloke. Our second Aussie (how do we keep lucking out with these studs?), his accent and deep, sensual voice will melt you into a puddle of goo.

Jack Miles

Jack Miles

Jack, Jack, Jack. Fuck me, this guy has it all. Puppy dog eyes, a sexy grin, and a big uncut cock that has only fucked a few guys.


Jack Tops Aaron Raw

Aaron had done an amazing job topping Jared Gryphon in their debut scene, and he's primarily a top, but when he said he just couldn't turn down bottoming for str8 sk8r Jack's big uncut cock, I knew I had to film it. They had incredible chemistry from the start, sexily sucking face and scruffing beards together. Aaron lusted for Jack's thick dick bad, wasting no time undoing his fly and grabbing a handful of hardening trouser hose.

Aaron's ridiculously hot dad bod was hairy and littered with tattoos and as they stripped completely down to their bulging underwear, I could sense how into him Jack was, as well. They popped their boners out of their underwear and jerked each other softly. They kissed passionately and rubbed their stiff members together. One cut, one uncut. Both big, hard, and hairy as hell.

They fondled each other's throbbing rods and then Jack knelt down to taste Aaron's Aussie cock. This straight guy certainly looks like he knows how to suck dick, and Aaron's moans confirmed. Their dark hair and beards looked magnificent on their pale bodies as Aaron laid Jack back on the pillows to gulp down his gargantuan meat hammer.

Fuck, the wet, erotic noises Aaron makes while giving head are too good. So much slurping, so much sucking. Jack was in heaven, especially when Aaron complimented him on how big his cock was and how good his precum tasted. Every dude likes to hear that, right?

Jack's giant Johnson glistened with Aaron's spit. And the happy sucker was ready to bury that big bone in his backyard. Aaron lubed Jack's hardon with SPUNK and dabbed some onto his furry hole. He reiterated how hung Jack was as he inched the beguiling boner into his bum. His hot ass cheeks were juicy and plump, and they looked perfect with a steel cock sliding in between them.

Jack's hands reached around and squeezed Aaron's beefy butt as the bottom rode his cock like a pro. There was something so insanely hot about Aaron needing that big dick buried inside him, even though he prefers the top bunk. I couldn't agree with him more, there's just something so alluring about Jack and his eternally hard dick that you have to feel it for yourself. And Aaron was feeling it to the fucking fullest. He wiggled back and forth on Jack's lap, screwing himself silly. Jack was lost in ecstasy, feeling Aaron's manly ass wrapped around his warm shaft. They kissed again, Aaron holding the headboard for support, and Jack drove his dick deeper than ever into his fuzzy fun cave.

Aaron was tight but receptive and encouraged Jack to fuck him freely. That big, bareback boner banged into that beautiful butt with ease. Aaron was loving every inch. Every. Single. Inch. Jack's balls were drawn tight to his body, turned on to the max. He pulled Aaron's cheeks apart to show me all that perfect penetration. His dick is so huge and puts on such a great show. He flipped Aaron over and fucked him missionary so he could stare into those chocolate eyes and kiss his pouty lips. Their eyebrows furrowed as they talked dirty to one another and Aaron gently tugged on his own cock as Jack fucked him hard and raw. Then Jack took over for a bit, stroking his costar's cock while he screwed him. The way Aaron looked up at Jack in that moment was spectacular. Almost as spectacular as what came next.

Surprise! It's a flip fuck scene at the end! Jack had never taken a dick up his virgin str8 sk8r ass before, but he'd been getting more and more curious with every scene he topped in. And Aaron had just the right amount of charm and persuasion necessary to convince Jack the time was now. They stood at the edge of the bed and Aaron entered uncharted territory, where no man had gone before, making his mark in history. His rock hard cock was completely inside Jack's tight hole and he couldn't help exclaiming how amazing it felt.

Jack jerked his dick while Aaron showed him how good it feels to bottom and before we knew it, Jack was ejaculating all over the blanket. Aaron followed right behind, breeding a hot load into Jack's behind. He painted his hairy ass with several shots of seed then pulled Jack close to his chest and kissed him. Wow! What a fucking sensational twist of an ending. None of us saw it coming when we scheduled the shoot, but now none of us can imagine it concluding any other way. Big thanks to Aaron for opening the versatile door for Jack, who filmed his first full flip fuck scene with Jay Davis shortly after this. Keep your eyes peeled for that scene, and in the meantime, do enjoy this one on repeat, much like I will! UNF!

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