Gus Maddoxxx

Gus Maddoxxx

Gus is one of the nicest and sexiest guys I've ever met, let alone filmed with. He's got this incredibly bashful smile, but then whips out his dick and turns into a sex maniac. He moans, he writhes, he thoroughly enjoys pleasuring himself.


Gus' Solo

Gus was probably the nicest guy I've had the pleasure of working with, and then he up and moved to a different state. Major bummer, because we could have filmed some great scenes together. Fingers crossed he returns for a visit.

Sexy, handsome, funny, and an all around gentleman, Gus is the number one request from other models to film with... too bad he isn't local anymore.

He made it a point to tell me he's a pleaser, always making sure his partners needs are met before his. But, since he was filming a solo, I really only cared about him meeting his own needs. And that, he did.

He worked his dick into a frenzy after playing peek-a-boo through his boxers. Everyone loves a tease. His heavy breathing and cum shot vocal warning are enough to get anyone hard, and then there's the reward - a thick, white mess all over his black tank.

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