Greyson Kent

Greyson Kent

Greyson is anything but shy. He seemed like a porn veteran when he arrived to film. From his devilishly sexy smile to his raging erection, Greyson didn't disappoint on camera.


Greyson's Solo

Greyson decided to bring his own porn to the shoot because it really gets him turned on. That's alright by me.

He got his dick nice and hard and then slipped his shorts and underwear off, revealing a very impressive cock and nice, tight balls. His shaft was cut, smooth, thick, and extremely hard. He wore a cock ring and clearly it did its job. As he stroked his steel rod, all I could think was: his cum shot is going to be awesome!

Greyson didn't disappoint. Drizzling pre cum the entire time, I knew he was anticipating his release as much as I was. And then, he reached climax.

I don't think I've had another model be as vocal as Greyson while shooting his load. He let out what sounded like a war cry and I could tell his balls ached to release every last, hot ounce of cum.

And that's just what he did, half-way up his chest. Kudos, Greyson. What a finale!

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