Greyson Kent

Greyson Kent

Greyson is anything but shy. He seemed like a porn veteran when he arrived to film. From his devilishly sexy smile to his raging erection, Greyson didn't disappoint on camera.

Mike Gaite

Mike Gaite

Mike Gaite is a studio guy who brings the best body to GuyBone, hands down. His washboard abs are so hard you could bounce a quarter off them and his body is so toned and firm you'll fall in love at first glance. It doesn't hurt that he has a super sexy smile and shy guy demeanor.


Greyson and Mike Flip

Jumping right into the action, site favorite Greyson Kent welcomed porn star Mike Gaite to the GuyBone family with some tongue flicking kissing, washboard ab licking, and beer can thick dick sucking. When I told Greyson that Mike wanted to film with him, he geeked out hardcore and promised he'd lick Mike from head to toe. He covered almost every inch of this ripped stud. He worshipped him so well, in fact, that we ended up with an extra 10 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

Greyson was nearly gagging on Mike's incredibly fat cock. And you could tell Mike was getting harder with every choke. He was turned on knowing Greyson was having trouble deepthroating. What a compliment to his cock! He squatted to return the favor and gave one of the wettest blowjobs on GuyBone. There was so much of his magical sticky spit running down Greyson's shaft and nut sack that it almost looked like white, frothy cum. It dripped from Greyson's balls onto the carpet. Mike looks like a dick sucking god.

Greyson made sure to pay extra attention to Mike's low hanging balls, licking them attentively, bathing them in his saliva. Then Mike bent Greyson over the ottoman and used that talented tongue to rim his hairy hole. The way he lapped at that ass and rubbed his beard across that butt got my dick super stiff behind the camera. Mike is such a fucking beefcake. A masculine dude. A total sexpot. And Greyson was having the time of his life.

Originally this scene was just supposed to feature Mike topping Greyson. But after meeting and getting really turned on by each other, it was suggested they flip fuck. Both guys were on board so we went for it. Mike sat on Greyson's unbelievably hard dick on the couch, riding that rod like a maniac. Greyson pushed him to the floor and fucked him doggie style. Mike moaned and grunted his approval, encouraging Greyson to pound him harder, faster, deeper. Greyson obliged.

I think they might have just kept on fucking had I not reminded them this was now a flip scene. After several scintillating positions as a SPUNK lubed top, Greyson got on his back on the floor, tossed his legs to the heavens, and slowly but surely accepted Mike's fat fucking cock into his tight, warm hole. Greyson identifies as a blue moon bottom, meaning he rarely does it. And when he does, it's not usually for behemoth boners like Mike's. But he took it like a champ regardless, and turned out a few hot positions in his new position. My favorite being standing doggie, where Mike once again bent him over that trusty ottoman. Greyson seemed unsure at first, wincing at the circumference of that massive hardon. But then suddenly a switch flipped and he realized how good it felt. "There ya go" he repeated a few times, beginning to buck backward into the giant cock. He was actually enjoying the ride. And how could you not when it comes from a slice of perfection like Mike?

They finished on the couch, stroking their equally impressive cocks side by side. Greyson shot his load first, triggering one of his classic body spasm and bellowing orgasms. His entire being shook and he cried out in intense pleasure. Mike wasn't far behind, rubbing out a creamy nut as thick as his magic spit. Both guys were beyond exhausted, having screwed for so long and hard.

I gotta hand it to them, they made one helluva hot scene. Here's to Mike for being an awesome guy who didn't have to film with us but wanted to. And to Greyson for being the ever sexy welcome wagon he is, ushering in who we can officially deem Best Body on GuyBone, Mike and all his packs of abs.

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