Dmitri Navroska

Dmitri Navroska

Dmitri Navroska is a studio guy who we were delighted to get on GuyBone.com, not only because he's tall, lean, brooding, soft-spoken, and sexy as fuck, but also because he does a lot of webcam work and has a substantial following. When you're as hot as Dmitri, and incredibly business savvy, you're in high demand, and we're very lucky to have gotten a piece of him.


Dmitri's Solo

Talk about a busy guy who burns his candle at both ends, Dmitri juggles multiple jobs, is a business owner himself, and a model in both studio porn and webcam shows. That's a pro.

I met Dmitri a while ago, when we were first getting GuyBone off the ground, and immediately knew I wanted him on my site. With his jet black hair, lean body, great ass, and beautiful uncut cock, Dmitri was someone I knew all the guys would keep coming back for.

It took a little bit to clear his schedule, but we finally got him on set for his solo. I don't require studio guys to audition, but Dmitri said he wanted to, just for the hell of it. Fine by me, I'm never going to turn down the chance to watch a hot guy jerk off in front of me.

He peeled off his black t-shirt to reveal bulging biceps and amazing pecs, a nice taught tummy, and just enough chest hair to play with during post-coital cuddling. As if he knew I'd be turned on by it, he slipped off his gym shorts to reveal he'd come commando to the shoot. Perfect. Now I was horny.

He climbed on the bed and got to it, milking and rubbing his thick uncut cock to beautiful erection. He played with his foreskin, almost a peek-a-boo with the head of his dick. His awesome, fuzz-covered nuts gently swung with the rhythm of his masturbation.

Dmitri was rip-raring to blow his load from the get-go, so after torturing him with a ten minute edge session, I allowed him the pleasure of release. This guy is one helluva professional, shooting a nice nut on his stomach, then giving the camera a "was it as good for you as it was for me?" grin that got me horny all over again.

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