Cord Younglove

Cord Younglove

God help me, I keep finding these gorgeous, masculine bicurious guys that make your heart melt and your loins stir. Cord is no exception. Those eyes.

Lance Bennett

Lance Bennett

Lance Bennett is a studio guy who we at GuyBone.com were really excited to get to work with. From his adorable boyish charm to his scruffy and playful demeanor, this perfectly fuzzy stud makes quite the addition to our ever-growing roster of GuyBone guys.


Cord Tops Lance Raw

With one swift raise of Cord's shirt, Lance was in action. He licked down that beefy chest and stomach and pulled Cord's thick uncut cock from his gym shorts, tasting it, loving it. Cord helped Lance's rock hard dick from his jeans and sucked it, too. From the onset, I knew this was going to be one of my easiest scenes to film. They had immediate chemistry and couldn't keep their paws off each other. Dicks aimed skyward, they were totally naked before I knew it.

Lance sat on Cord, teasing that uncut cock with his tight, furry hole. They kissed wildly, turning the other on to the max. Lance swallowed Cord's monster dick again and Cord told him to suck his balls. Fuck, yes. Lance did as instructed and then got his mouth back on that sheathed shaft. Lance is a pro cock sucker, as is Cord, so I was beyond delighted to watch these two service each other orally. Their dark hair and facial fuzz, their bushy pits and pubes, all so fucking masculine. It wasn't long before the SPUNK came out and they were ready to fuck. Their hot chatter stiffened my own dick behind the camera and I gave them the green light to begin the bareback antics.

Once his hairy hole was sufficiently lubed for the ride, Lance eased that big uncut beast inside his warm crevice and let Cord take charge. Lance squatted over his top, sitting fully on that erect cock. Cord's heavy balls raised and fell with each thrust into Lance's hungry hole. Their bodies were beyond in sync, they were fucking perfect together. Seeing that raw dick slide in and out of Lance's back door was driving me wild. Feeling it was driving THEM wild.

Cord bent over and licked Lance's hardon and then rolled him into a sideways position. The look on Lance's face as Cord buried his big bone deep in his ass was priceless. He moved into doggie style like the good pup he is, letting Cord dominate his perfect bubble butt with that behemoth erection. They were fucking each other at this point, both owning the other, taking what they wanted and giving everything in return.

Cord pulled Lance to the edge of the bed and fucked him while standing. Damn, his dick is big! He got all the way in there, balls deep, and screwed to his heart's delight. Then he climbed onto the bed and laid on his back, Lance taking a stiff seat on his cock. Those loose nuts of Cord's smacked Lance's ass as they bounced together. They loved doggie at the edge of the bed so much they got back into that position. Cord fucking plowed Lance's dulcet derriere with his ever stiff fuckstick. They both complimented each other's bodies and how good they felt. Cord spanked Lance's supple ass and then pushed him flat against the mattress, driving his dick down into him with intent.

They did my favorite sideways spooning position next and I was in awe of how Lance's tight hole had opened to accommodate Cord's incredibly big dick. Cord stabbed at that furry butt with his meaty cock. It was back to the edge of the bed, but missionary for the finale. Their grunts and moans were delicious to my ears and as Cord informed us of his impending cumshot, I thought I'd lose my load right along with him. He emptied his bountiful balls on Lance's taint, just under those tight fuzzy nuts, then slid his cock back inside to finish breeding his bottom boy. Lance jerked his dick quickly, reaching climax moments after Cord filled his ass with that warm load. He shot his own seed clear up to his nipple and onto his dark nest of pubes then collapsed in satisfaction as they rubbed their cummy cockheads together.

I couldn't have asked for two better guys to bring such A games to the table. Or bed, as it were. There's no way you won't enjoy Cord and Lance fucking bareback. It's simply magic. It's simply sex.

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