Brandon Board

Brandon Board

Brandon is the only GuyBone guy who can say he is #1. He was the very first model I filmed, and what might have started out as a mere curiosity to see the naked male body through my camera lens, quickly turned into the website you now see. Guess that speaks volumes as to how hot I think Brandon is, and as to how horny I am to film the naked male body.

Cord Younglove

Cord Younglove

God help me, I keep finding these gorgeous, masculine bicurious guys that make your heart melt and your loins stir. Cord is no exception. Those eyes.


Cord Tops Brandon

Welcome back our very first GuyBone guy, Brandon Board! Paired him up with our newest GuyBone guy, Cord Younglove, and sparks flew! Cord went straight for that sexy pierced nipple of Brandon's, then Brandon nibbled on Cord's hairy nips in return. Jeans unzipped, stiff cocks released, and the rest is history, as they say.

There's a reason Brandon was my first model. He's got that incredibly sexy skater boy next door look. And the dick. Damn. It's what porn dreams are made of. Sweet as apple pie, Brandon is just shy enough to be non threatening but in no way is he innocent. He likes a good roll in the sack as much as Cord, who was a perfect costar for his return to GuyBone scene. The two hit it off wonderfully.

They both have a subtle masculinity that I find super stimulating. Not overly bro-ish, just chill, relaxed, kicked-back guys. Cord took the reigns as I knew he would, initiating they both strip down to their boxer briefs. But it was Brandon who surprised me by being the first to pull out a hard dick and go down on it. He gently sucked Cord's massive uncut cock, tasting it to the very base, Cord's dark bush tickling his facial scruff. Cord moaned and guided his head. Then, he had to have his own taste of cock. So he got up, pulled Brandon's boxer briefs to just under his big balls, and swallowed that fat cock all the way. Brandon's veiny shaft must have felt fun running along Cord's wet tongue.

Brandon wasn't done, so he pushed Cord back down and resumed blowing him. Then Cord went back down on Brandon. Fuck, this oral tug of war was sending my dick into a frenzy! The way they both were breathing and moaning just made me harder. Cord lapped up Brandon's loose low hangers and went back and forth between his raging boner and pierced nipple. Methinks someone sensed a pleasure spot. He bit and nibbled his way from taught nipples to rigid cock. Brandon was getting his mind blown as well as his throbbing member.

Cord eased a finger into Brandon's tight asshole and sent Brandon into a vocal outcry. His dick stiffened even more, those veins plumping up and making everything firm. Cord sucked on it while he worked the hole with his finger. Then he got on his knees, finger still knuckle deep in Brandon's butt, and rubbed their cocks together with his free hand. Two equally long cocks, one cut, one uncut, being jerked together, skin to skin, was beyond hot.

Time came for the big fuck, so Brandon took a seat on Cord's erect cock and rode it. Cord stroked him from the front while he writhed up and down on that boner. He picked up the pace, bucking wildly and exclaiming “you're so fucking deep!” SPUNK Lube helped glide that massive boner into Brandon's tight but willing ass. He couldn't stop whimpering. Maybe it'd been awhile since he had really been filled up like that. Maybe it was his super sexy costar. Maybe it was his first time back on camera in a few years. Whatever the reason, all three of us were in heaven.

Cord laid him back on the bed and drove his dick in deep from a sitting position. Then he got on his knees and fucked full force in missionary. Cord held his feet up so he could really nail him. Brandon was bellowing like it hurt, but we all knew it felt so good. Cord's hefty, hairy nuts flopped against Brandon's butt cheeks as he thrust. He stood Brandon up against the brick wall and rammed that manly piece of meat into his sweet boy hole hard and fast from behind.

When the guys were ready to cum, I knew I wanted them to shower me with their loads. I mean the camera. Shower the camera with their loads. So I laid under them and covered the lens with a sandwich bag that I'd found last minute in a kitchen drawer. It protected the lens from their salty goodness, but created a vaseline dream effect on screen. Suddenly it became an 80s porn and the two guys jerked their loads off on top of me, raining down heavy drops of cum. Out of breath but full of the giggles, Cord and Brandon finished their scene in sticky success and I knew instantly that I'd done a great service to the site by first casting Brandon, then years later Cord, then completing the circle by bringing them together. Old meeting new never looked so good!

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