Cody is one of the youngest GuyBone guys. So young, he's still got gleaming braces that I find super sexy in an untouched, innocent way. He said they never get in the way of sucking dick.


Cody's Solo

Young, hung, and definitely full of cum, Cody was an entertainer from the moment I met him. Extremely excited to be on camera, he didn't waste a second of screen time.

Looking very guy next door with his braces, his beautifully athletic body, and his sexily styled hair, Cody was destined to be a crowd pleaser.

As if he wasn't hot enough with his clothes on, the guy is insanely boner-inducing once he's naked. His dick is tall and thick and his balls are big and no doubt churning the most delicious guy juice this side of graduation.

I knew he was enjoying himself when I caught him checking himself out in the mirror. He looked good and he knew it. I love confidence, and this guy has it.

Working his rock hard cock to an inevitable explosion, Cody most definitely earned his GuyBone diploma.

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