Charles Grey

Charles Grey

Charles is one of the most dynamic personalities I've ever met and filmed for GuyBone. He's got this electrifying ora that makes you smile and turns you on at the same time. His smile is killer as is his body.

Zeus Harden

Zeus Harden

Perhaps the god of thunder cock? Zeus is a sexy young Latino with a curved uncut cock as handsome as his boy next door face. The beard makes him look more mature, but trust me, it's a hot baby face under there.


Charles Tops Zeus Raw

Fuck. Yes. These two. Back again. This time in a role reversal with Charles topping Zeus bareback. These guys have so much intense chemistry, the electricity between them can be felt from the first kiss. I love filming them. I love watching them make each other smile. It's as romantic as it is smoking hot. And that's rare, to find a couple who work so well together on and off camera, you wish they'd get married already. I'll keep my fingers crossed for that last part, and in the meantime, I'll enjoy watching them over and over again creating magic on screen. So much magic, they ended up with an extra 15 minutes of footage, which is definitely more fuck for your buck!

Their sexy banter and luscious lip smacking got my dick pulsing immediately. Zeus' infectious laugh and both their megawatt smiles had me ready to explode. They were stripped down to their tented underwear before I knew it and refamiliarizing themselves with each other's rippling bodies. You couldn't wipe the smiles off their faces if you tried. Charles suggested Zeus go down on him and the younger member of this Dynamic Duo needed no further invitation. He dropped down on Charles' thick, swelling cock and devoured it. He beat that heavy meat against his wet tongue and swallowed it to Charles' dark tangle of pubes. They kissed passionately, Zeus letting Charles taste his own dick on his tongue. Charles made like he was going to remove Zeus' boxer briefs but Zeus said “hell no” and dove back onto his costar's cock.

Charles couldn't wait long to get Zeus' boner in his mouth, though. The two were on their knees, Charles sucking Zeus, then laid down and got comfortable. The taco socks. I almost forgot. These two are so fucking hilarious. Zeus wore taco socks and kept them on the entire scene. Charles continuously made fun of them and every time he did, they laughed and got a little hornier. Charles continued to slob Zeus' knob. Then he jerked them both. I love seeing two guys' raging hard dicks being stroked side by side. Then he sucked some more. Then stroked. Then informed Zeus he wanted to eat his ass. Zeus smirked and rolled over. Charles' talented tongue was buried between those beautiful butt cheeks immediately and Zeus was sent into a tizzy of sensations.

Long strands of spit clung from Zeus' eaten asshole to Charles' juicy lips. He exhaled loudly as he worked that tight hole with his tongue. Zeus moaned softly and coyly smiled. When asked if he liked that, Zeus replied “yeah, I do. It tiggles.” Tiggles, of course, is tickles with his sexy Latino spin on it. Instantly made me hard again. Charles made note of their new positions by stating the tables had turned and I knew we were all in for a spectacular screwing.

Zeus wanted to sit on it first to slowly get acquainted with Charles' giant cock. With the help of SPUNK Lube he attempted to ease it into his back door inch by inch. But he was tight. Very tight. He reached back and massaged Charles' hefty balls while he attempted to get it in. When they realized it wasn't happening, Charles flipped Zeus onto his back and decided to enter him missionary. The ensuing conversation while Charles loosened Zeus' ass was hilarious and hot. Still not quite fitting in, Zeus decided to try sitting on it one more time. My goodness, that boy had a tight ass. That made Charles all the more hard and his big dick was intimidating but alluring to his young costar. When it still wouldn't fit, we all had to chuckle and Charles demanded Zeus go finger himself for a couple minutes.

Must have worked just enough, because Charles was finally able to enter Zeus' ass. And then he pounded. Hard and fast. Making up for lost time. He fucking railed him doggie style, his heavy nuts slamming against Zeus' bubble butt. Zeus took it like a champ, backing up on that big dick and whimpering in approval. Charles pulled him up and kissed the back of his neck then continued to screw him bareback. That thick cock drove in hard and stabbed with intent. I was hypnotized by their rhythm.

Loosened enough, yes. In need of a break, absolutely. Zeus rested his stretched hole while he slurped down Charles' steel shaft on an oral inbetweener. Charles has such an amazing dick. Thick, cut, curved ever so slightly and just aching to ejaculate. And Zeus loves sucking it. Once the intermission was over, they were back to fucking, this time with Zeus sitting on it successfully. That behemoth boner made its veiny way into Zeus' waiting hole and he rode it wildly. So fucking hot. He pumped his ass up and down on that pole and made Charles' balls tighten up so far I thought they'd disappeared. When I moved around to the front, I saw Zeus was totally erect and fully aroused by the fullness he was feeling inside him. I very much dig seeing a boned up bottom.

Next up, Charles stood at the edge of the bed and rammed Zeus' ass as he bent over. Zeus buried his face in a pillow and let Charles go to town on his down under. Charles hugged his bud's sexy hips and thrust his own as hard as he could. His nuts swung against Zeus' taint as he humped. He was relentless and Zeus was moaning for more. This hard ass pounding was exactly the reunion the two of them had needed.

Before I knew it they were back in the riding position, Zeus' tight ass engulfing Charles' fat boner. Zeus took charge and rode it hard, bucking his body and jerking his own hardon feverishly. I thought for a bit he would cum like this, and Charles was thirsty for a facial, but it didn't happen in that position. Zeus needed to be relaxed on his back with Charles driving his raw dick deep inside him to get off. And that worked for me. I was able to see his hot cumshot shoot up his smooth stomach before Charles bent over and cleaned his uncut cock head of the sticky remains. Hot damn! Then we noticed Zeus' cum in Charles' hair. He combed it in like gel and called it a day. It was his first time tasting cum and he liked it, but when he shared a mouthful with Zeus, the young cummer just couldn't bare to eat his own seed. Too cute. These two. Fucking adorable.

It was Charles' turn to blow his load so Zeus got to work sucking that still stiff dick. God damn, Charles was rock hard. Zeus worked his cock quick and with plenty of wetness until Charles was ready to explode. He rocketed some clear cum from his piss slit, which whizzed past his head and splattered against the headboard. He jizzed the rest of his nut in pearl beads on his pubes and complimented Zeus' oral skills. They shared a final laugh and collapsed in ecstasy. Fucking. Perfect.

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