Charles Grey

Charles Grey

Charles is one of the most dynamic personalities I've ever met and filmed for GuyBone. He's got this electrifying ora that makes you smile and turns you on at the same time. His smile is killer as is his body.

Parker Allen

Parker Allen

Parker Allen is cute as fuck and even furrier! He's unbelievably sexy and his pics don't do justice to the in-person version. He's incredibly charming and has a smile that'll melt you fast.


Charles Tops Parker Raw

Barefoot and butt ass naked, the boys began the scene on the bed, Parker bending over to blow Charles' big boner. His sucking skills were superb as he swallowed the thick cock and licked Charles' hefty balls. He teased his nuts with his tongue and shot his baby blues up at his impending top. Charles noted those eyes must get him in a lot of trouble, Parker quipped “and out of.” I don't doubt the validity of either of those statements. Parker fit both Charles' balls in his mouth, making Mr. Grey even harder. After some nipple action and tummy kisses and end of the bed blowing, the boys were already ready to bone.

Horny as fuck, Charles got Parker on his back and edged his stiff dick inside his tight ass. Nice and lubed with SPUNK, Charles' fat cock got real comfortable real quick in that rear end. Then they decided to screw in the shower. Making sure he was rock solid, Parker gave Charles some more head before giving his ass up to him again. They stood in doggie and banged hard with the water beating down on them. Charles' slapping sex made the water splash around Parker's beautiful ass cheeks.

Charles needed to taste his workspace, so he knelt and rimmed Parker's wet hole. He tongue fucked his delicious ass and spit on it hard. He gently tugged on Parker's balls as he slid his tongue into the furry crack. Then he took a seat so Parker could sit on his dick. It was reverse cowboy at its finest, wet and wild. Parker rode Charles' thick dick like the pro he is, giving them both maximal pleasure. Charles then pounded him out proper, wrapping up their shower segment.

Next was one of my all time favorite GuyBone moments. Parker had to take a phone call to iron out travel arrangements for a visitor. While I chilled, Charles got randy and started rimming his costar quietly. It didn't take long for both of them to realize they could kill two birds by fucking while he finished his call. So I picked up my camera and got it all. What normally would have been some fun behind the scenes content, turned into outrageously hot and funny scene fucking. From Charles trying to screw stealthily to Parker's voice flinching with every thrust through his conversation, it was all sorts of entertaining.

Next they were in doggie against the mirror, another favorite of mine from this scene. Parker gripped the dildo suctioned to the glass for support as Charles fucked him hard from behind. His raw dick slid in and out of his hairy hole so beautifully. It drove Parker wild with feel good goosebumps and Charles' nut sack looked divine working that ass overtime. Charles made Parker suck the dildo and I thought my dick would rip through my shorts. It was so hot seeing him suck on a phallus while getting bareback fucked.

Back on the bed post phone and mirror fucks, they lubed up again and Parker sat on Charles' massive manhood. They gave me a boner-inducing view from the backside, Parker's bubble butt engulfing Charles' rock solid rod. Then some missionary with good banter and lots of laughs before Parker was ready to bust. I imagine feeling that fat cock ramming your prostate does the trick every time. He beat his meat to cumpletion, ricocheting jizz everywhere, his body going into convulsions as Charles tasted his seed. They switched spots and Charles jerked his dick off, nutting warm, white boy batter all over his pubes. Parker licked it from his piss slit then swallowed his shaft before a final, cummy kiss. These two had so much fun filming, you're sure to feel it through the screen.

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