Charles Grey

Charles Grey

Charles is one of the most dynamic personalities I've ever met and filmed for GuyBone. He's got this electrifying ora that makes you smile and turns you on at the same time. His smile is killer as is his body.

Greyson Kent

Greyson Kent

Greyson is anything but shy. He seemed like a porn veteran when he arrived to film. From his devilishly sexy smile to his raging erection, Greyson didn't disappoint on camera.


Charles and Greyson Flip Raw

Starting with some of the sexiest kissing I've seen and heard in a while, Charles and Greyson swapped spit passionately as they embraced, drawing their bodies closer together. Charles' protruding Adam's Apple and bulging biceps got me hard from the word go. He's all man and I wanted him so bad. But this was Greyson's turn. So I was content to live vicariously through one of our site favorites as he welcomed Charles to the family.

It was only a few moments before Charles had Greyson's thickening cock out and down his throat. He teased his own dick through his jeans as he blew his costar. By the time Greyson took his turn on Charles, Charles' boner was rock hard and sticking out of his waistband. He credited Greyson with the erection and encouraged his costar not to tease but to really suck it. So Greyson did. Nearly balls deep. He gagged several times, which was hot as hell, cause Charles' cock is so fucking thick and long.

He really showed it off when he sat on Greyson's dick and bounced up and down, twirling his semi chub in helicopter propeller fashion. The couple had some sexy dialogue, turning each other on more as they spoke sexy expletives and complimented each others bodies and dicks.

It was time to flip, so Greyson laid flat on his back on the bed and Charles entered him fully in his favorite position. He screwed him like this for a while, making Greyson moan and swear like a sailor. He was clearly enjoying that fat cock up his tight hole, as I'm sure we all would. Charles was more man than ever, thrusting his rock hard monster cock in and out of Greyson's delicious hole, bareback and lubed up with SPUNK.

They flipped one final time so Greyson could really fuck with his usual force. That he did, pounding Charles' juicy, plump ass fast and furious until he came a hot and creamy load all over his partner's bountiful balls. He rubbed his cock head across Charles' butt cheeks and moaned his epic orgasmic tones. Then Charles shot his own thick, white seed onto his pubes and stomach. He and Greyson shared a full body spasm as they jizzed, which let me know they both totally enjoyed the experience. As will you.

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