Brandon Board

Brandon Board

Brandon is the only GuyBone guy who can say he is #1. He was the very first model I filmed, and what might have started out as a mere curiosity to see the naked male body through my camera lens, quickly turned into the website you now see. Guess that speaks volumes as to how hot I think Brandon is, and as to how horny I am to film the naked male body.



Chad definitely has the most unique dick I've ever seen. He said the curve of it, which I compare to Gonzo's nose, slides it perfectly down a guy's throat. He must be right, because I didn't hear any complaints from his costars.


Chad Tops Brandon

The first action scene I filmed for GuyBone, this ended up a very sweet and tender piece. If I hadn't known better, I'd have sworn the guys were real-life lovers. There was a lot of passion in the room, hand-holding, and gentleness. It was incredibly romantic. Not exactly what I'd pictured my first action scene being like, but nice, nonetheless.

Chad took his time getting Brandon ready to bottom. He licked nipples, he kissed lips, he sucked dick. It was a very erotic display. Brandon returned the favor with some 69 action and then the guys got to the main event.

It was evident by the delightful moaning coming from Brandon, and his ever-erect dick, that he was thoroughly enjoying riding Chad's curved cock.

In the end, the guys released their loads and shared a final kiss, relishing the sweet satisfaction of a good fuck.

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