Cameron Marks

Cameron Marks

Cameron is the quintessential boy next door. He's got the sexiest bluish-gray eyes and hair that looks as good in place as it does disheveled. His body begs your hands to be all over it, and his ass is a peach you'd love to eat then fuck.


Cameron's Solo

Fucking sexy as hell, this kid is. Young, hung, and ready to shoot big globs of cum! Cameron is definitely not a twink, don't be mistaken like I was at first glance. He's got a great body, nice thick legs, and a perfect little bubble butt ripe for the taking. He's versatile and loves fucking as much as getting fucked.

Pike's solo went really well in the office, so I figured why not have Cameron stroke one out in the same place? He got comfy in the desk chair, rubbed his dick through his dark jeans, then slid them off to reveal gray boxer briefs. Total boy next door underwear. Hot as hell. When he slid those off, I almost couldn't believe the huge hardon in front of me.

His dick is a beautiful, tall, and meaty 7.5" and he loves sliding his hand up and down every inch. He lubed his shaft up and went to town, jerking in my chair to porn on the desktop. His balls are low-hanging yet somehow still tight and big. They bounce around marvelously while he masturbates. I loved every inch of this guy, from his tussled hair to beyond sexy eyes, juicy lips to very hairy armpits and hard nipples. His happy trail leads to a giant smile on your face and when he threw his muscular legs up on the desk and gave me a peek at his furry asshole, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. His fingers teased the entrance to his tight, dark hole and got me incredibly worked up. It must have done the trick for him, too, because shortly thereafter, Cameron was ready to cum.

He beat his cock furiously, fist getting little friction from the mess of lube he'd squirted onto his boner and balls. Didn't matter how tight he could grip his stiff dick, he was ready to cum and I was ready to watch. He pumped out thick ribbons of jizz that landed perfectly on his pubes. He continued working his dick, mixing cum and lube together on his still-stiff shaft. He fell back in the chair with a heavy sigh, having outdone himself. This guy is a keeper. Have fun trying not to fall in love.

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