Cameron Marks

Cameron Marks

Cameron is the quintessential boy next door. He's got the sexiest bluish-gray eyes and hair that looks as good in place as it does disheveled. His body begs your hands to be all over it, and his ass is a peach you'd love to eat then fuck.



Dakota is a straight dude who does gay for pay. Slightly worried sex with dudes will ruin sex with chicks for him, he's set some rules for filming. He'll only bottom and only do the sucking.


Cameron Tops Dakota

I get it. Straight guy Dakota has rules. And I'm not looking to break them. So for his first action scene with us, the following guidelines were set in place - no kissing and only Dakota would suck dick and get fucked. Cool. He doesn't want to do anything with a dude that he'll do with a chick in his off-camera, non gay for pay life. He's never going to suck a woman's dick or get fucked in the ass by her, so those things are on his safe-to-film list. We and his costar Cameron could certainly work with those terms.

When the camera started rolling, the guys seemed a little unsure of what to do. Primarily because of the no kissing rule. But no worries, some heavy groping got their dicks worked up quick enough and before I needed to instruct him to do so, Dakota was on his knees with Cameron's thick dick in his mouth. Well, at least the head of it. I have to give Dakota some shit. He sucks dick like a straight boy. To him, that's a compliment. To me, it means deepthroat it and use your hands more or the rule of costars not being allowed to blow you in return will get null and voided. Even straight boys should know how to suck dick because they know what it feels like when a girl sucks theirs. I gotta give Dakota props, though. He kept Cameron's meaty cock rock solid the entire oral session. If it didn't feel good, Cameron surely would have went limp. I'd still love to see someone get their mouth on Dakota's long schlong, so hopefully I can convince him for a future shoot.

Until then, I'll play by his rules. Which means he only bottoms. Although for this scene, he almost broke his own rule when he realized Cameron's massive boner was bigger than it appeared in the photos he'd seen previously. It took a lot of warming up and loosening up for Dakota's tight hole to swallow Cameron's big rod. At one point, he considered topping just because he didn't think he'd be able to bottom. But time fixes all, and in this case, loosens all. Before we knew it, Dakota's ass was happily accepting Cameron's hardon in deep, slow SPUNK slicked strides. And I can't forget to mention how great and sexy of a top Cameron was his first time in that position for us. After he bottomed for Quinn, I knew I wanted to see him use that big fucking tool to pleasure someone's hole. He didn't disappoint. I loved watching him use that ever-hard cock on Dakota's near-virgin ass. He's a considerate top, too. Taking his time, making sure his bottom is comfortable, and using his hands to caress his costars body, giving them both a much more enjoyable experience. He knows what he's doing. And I look forward to watching him fuck again.

They tried a few different positions and I was pleased to see Dakota's dick erect for the majority of the scene. This straight guy must have liked something about Cameron's cock being balls deep in his butthole. Both of the guys have great bodies and incredibly handsome dicks. My favorite part of the scene was when Cameron snuck a squeeze of Dakota's nuts as he thrust into him from behind. Dakota didn't say anything, just kept stroking his own boner and getting railed. I loved it. Just that little bit of rule bending. If Cameron could get away with that, what else could Dakota let slip?

Dakota was first to cum, jerking his stiff dick while Cameron plowed him missionary. It was a watery load, but bountiful. It was enough for me to have seen a dude fuck it out of him. Cameron pulled out and followed suit, blasting a much thicker, creamier, stickier nut all over Dakota's wrist and balls. The two shared a sigh of satisfaction and then it was time to clean up the cum.

Dakota will definitely be back for more. And when he is, we'll do our best to break the ice a bit more. Little by little, this gay for pay stud will hopefully realize he's just been bisexual all along. And with that realization comes an opening of doors and possibilities and spectacular orgasms.

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