Brandon Board

Brandon Board

Brandon is the only GuyBone guy who can say he is #1. He was the very first model I filmed, and what might have started out as a mere curiosity to see the naked male body through my camera lens, quickly turned into the website you now see. Guess that speaks volumes as to how hot I think Brandon is, and as to how horny I am to film the naked male body.


Brandon's Solo

This was the very first GuyBone scene and actually didn't start out as something I planned on releasing.

Brandon and I met and quickly realized we had something very hot in common. He was into being filmed, and I was into filming.

I was incredibly nervous filming a guy jerking off for the first time. Directing his every move, having him get turned on by me and the camera, it was all very exciting... for both of us.

He was the perfect test subject for my directing debut. He was patient, sexy, and damn cute! Before he even got to his fantastic cum shot at the end, I knew I'd not only found my calling, but that I'd also found my first star.

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