Ben Bailey

Ben Bailey

Ben Bailey is a studio guy who our model Truckee introduced us to. He's buff and tattooed, has an electric smile, rocks a slicked pony-tail, and has one of the biggest cocks we've filmed. He likes to get dirty working on cars and even dirtier working in the bedroom.

Truckee Rivers

Truckee Rivers

Truckee is one of the most unique GuyBone guys. He's got a punk haircut, a sexy beard, and a furry body that your eyes follow down to an enormous uncut cock. And he's limber, as anyone who watches his solo will see.


Ben Tops Truckee Raw

GuyBone's first bareback action scene, Ben Tops Truckee Raw, was one of the most incredibly hot to film. Having already filmed his very successful solo, Truckee introduced us to Ben, a stud he's worked with before for other studios. They occasionally fuck off-camera, too. And why not, when they have the kind of chemistry seen here.

Upon hearing “action." these two went to it with no further direction necessary. Stripping each other's clothes off, Truckee couldn't wait to get his mouth wrapped around Ben's enormous cock. He slurped it to its full stiffness before letting Ben return the favor on his own gigantic piece of meat. Then, Ben wanted to eat some ass, so he did, much to Truckee's delight. At least, I assume that's what the constant smile meant.

Nice and lubed up with spit, Truckee's ready hole welcomed Ben's throbbing cock like two old friends who hadn't hung out in a long time. What good friends indeed. Ben slid his hard rod in and out of Truckee's ass with ease and expertise. Fucking hot top, keeping a nice rhythm and breaking enough of a sweat to leave glistening trails down his tight chest.

My favorite thing about Truckee is his ability to pre-cum more than most guys actually cum. Keep an eye out, you can actually see it dripping out of his dick as Ben pounds his ass, then he grabs a handful and laps it up like water from a fountain, then kisses Ben. So fucking hot!

By the time these two were ready to cum, which didn't take long because they were horny as hell, Ben folded Truckee in half and got him to shoot directly into his mouth, just like his solo, and then made out with him. Ben pulled out just in time to shoot a creamy white load across Truckee's nuts and ass, then slid his satisfied dick, along with some piping hot fresh boy batter, back into Truckee's hole.

Soaked with sweat, covered in cum, Ben and Truckee made one hell of a titillating team!

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