Ben Bailey

Ben Bailey

Ben Bailey is a studio guy who our model Truckee introduced us to. He's buff and tattooed, has an electric smile, rocks a slicked pony-tail, and has one of the biggest cocks we've filmed. He likes to get dirty working on cars and even dirtier working in the bedroom.

Rowdy McBeal

Rowdy McBeal

Rowdy McBeal is a studio guy who I couldn't have been happier to stumble across on a social app. When I asked if he'd like to film gay porn, he said he already did and that he could probably convince his boyfriend, Nick Moretti, to film with us as well. Score!

Truckee Rivers

Truckee Rivers

Truckee is one of the most unique GuyBone guys. He's got a punk haircut, a sexy beard, and a furry body that your eyes follow down to an enormous uncut cock. And he's limber, as anyone who watches his solo will see.


Ben, Rowdy, Truckee 3way Raw

Fuck, fuck, fuck! It's like watching the sex-lympics! These guys are hot as hell and having one hell of a great time in this incredible 3way scene!

Ben and Truckee have given us two amazingly sexy scenes thus far, and Rowdy has proven to be in their league by bottoming for his partner, Nick Moretti. This time, Rowdy wanted to show off his topping skills by stuffing his dick inside both Ben and Truckee's asses.

The guys started off with some heavy making out and groping, which naturally led to cock sucking and ass munching. Truckee started on Ben's throbbing manhood, then moved to Rowdy's growing rod. Ben joined Truckee and together they worked Rowdy's stiff shaft and saggy ball sack until his nuts tightened up. Truckee let Ben take over on Rowdy's wood while he returned to his favorite scene partner's hole, licking from ass to tip of rock hard dick and back.

It wasn't long before Rowdy was ready to prove himself as top, aching to shove his erection into Ben's nice tight ass. He fingered him and ate him out while Ben tongued and readied Truckee's hole for the same purpose. Once Truckee was loose, Ben stuck his big dick inside and began thrusting. Once they had a good rhythm, Rowdy climbed on top of Ben and joined the train.

The three studs used each other for balance as they screwed each other's asses. They decided to get a nice variety of positions in, and moved to the Eiffel Tower next, Ben sitting on Rowdy's lap, Truckee sitting on Ben's lap. It was like a rocket ship, ready for take off, humping and riding wildly into space.

Continuing into the next position, the well-lubed machine they were, the three guys laid on their sides, entering each other with legs lifted. Giving a perfect view of penetration, Rowdy slid into Ben, which pushed his dick further into Truckee. Back and forth, so much to watch. The guys really started enjoying each other at this point and burst into laughter, which as I've said before, is the best sign in my opinion that they were really having fun.

The chemistry continued to build as Truckee decided he wanted to be our first DP recipient. I couldn't have been happier to see him be my guinea pig. Ben and Rowdy got their taught cocks super lubed up and held them side by side as Truckee sat down on them, taking both boners into his accommodating hole. All three moaned and laughed in delight, but Truckee definitely had the most fun in this position, feeling both rock hard cocks pushed together, fucking him simultaneously. Like it's not a treat to be fucked by Ben or Rowdy any given day, "Lucky Truckee" was getting fucked by both Ben AND Rowdy!

It's no surprise that the feeling of these two hunks' hardons nailing him in tandem was enough to make Truckee bust his nut. He shot all over Rowdy and then climbed off the pair of pricks. Rowdy was the gentleman and cleaned off the excess cum oozing out of Truckee's cock. Then, it was on to busting two more nuts.

Truckee didn't bust and run, he stuck around and sucked on Ben's dick while Rowdy plowed Ben's ass again. The combination was plenty arousing for Ben, who won the silver with his cumshot. Truckee's eager tongue was ready to catch the cum that fell out of Ben's raging boner. Finally, Rowdy pulled up the rear with his body-shaking, sex-screaming orgasm, jizzing on Ben's nuts and into Truckee's mouth. Finishing up by shoving his dick back into Ben's ass, leaning over and kissing both Truckee and Ben, Rowdy proved he's a fantastic top and is capable of a very intense orgasm.

Rowdy for topping like a champ, Ben for being an impeccable middle man, and Truckee for taking two dicks at once - these three all earned gold stars in GuyBone's book.

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