Andy Cooper

Andy Cooper

Let his dazzling eyes and dashing smile lure you in, then stay for the incredibly sexy, sculpted body, juicy ass, and rock hard cock. Andy is such a sweetheart, seriously can't say enough about that smile. This studly dancer has all the right moves for you to get down and dirty with.

Perry James

Perry James

Shy and sweet, Perry is an innocent cutie patootie until you get his pants off. Then he's a hung, hairy sex machine programmed to deliver a good time. Whether you're enjoying that giant cock or that front and center pucker of an asshole, you're getting treated, because he's a sexy lil shot of smoldering otter.


Bareback Buds Part 2

Be sure to see the start of this scene in BAREBACK BUDS PART 1


Picking up right where they left off, Andy and Perry moved to the pass through in the wall and got into some hot rimming action. Andy's tongue danced delicately on Perry's pretty pink hole and he kissed his furry blonde ass with precision and passion. When he had his bud's backdoor sufficiently eaten, he moved around to the bed to show off his magnificent boner. That was all the invitation Perry needed to lean forward out of the pass through and take that rock hard cock down his throat.

Perry was in downward doggie deep-throating that delicious dark dick. Andy laid back, showing off his sexy furry pits and his perfect gorgeous nips. He watched Perry slob his knob with expertise. They whispered and moaned their equal attractions, Andy's stiff dick looking divine buried balls deep in Perry's throat. He gagged on the size and stroked the wet shaft as he slurped it up and squeezed Andy's heavy balls.

When his knees and gag reflex couldn't take it anymore, Perry stood up and stepped across to the bed where he offered up his own hung schlong to Andy for some servicing. Andy obliged gleefully, swallowing down that handsome sword to the blonde hilt of pubes. He grabbed Perry's ass and braced him, sucking hard and somehow still tender. They had such intense energy for and with each other. They slid into a scintillating 69 and simultaneously sucked each other's thick dicks.

The vein in Andy's hard-on looked ready to explode, he was so turned on. His bushy pubes looked hot as fuck and incredibly masculine as Perry went down on him, his bearded lips brushing the dark hair repeatedly. They made a tasty yin-yang as they continued their 69. They were both so erect at one point, I'm not even sure how they managed to fit all that cock down their throats. Super suckers, that's how.

It was time for the flip fuck to commence. Perry had done one helluva job topping Andy in Part 1. Now it was Andy's turn to top and they were both ramped up for the raw action. Perry sat on Andy's steel rod, taking it slowly into his tight hole. Then he gained momentum, showing off the smoking hot sex and how much his bareback bud was filling him up. Even when Andy's boner popped out of Perry's hole, they put it back in so the bottom could ride some more.

They switched up positions to a really hot side screw. Perry pushed his ass out for Andy to rail and it looked so fucking sexy. Lubed with SPUNK, Andy's hulking piece of man meat boned Perry's furry hole to perfection. He hugged his hips and stuffed his big cock inside his costar, stretching him open to receive as many inches as he possibly could. He drilled him hard, fucking his hole fantastically. Perry sat reverse cowboy on Andy's cock next, bouncing to heaven and back. Andy's sexy toes curled and feet flexed as his cock felt the incredibleness of Perry's insides.

I needed to see the action from underneath, so they got into a hot doggie style and Andy rammed Perry's ass from behind. Damn, his fuck stick looked fine filling up Perry's hungry hole from this angle. Their balls dangled over me as they bareback slammed. What a deep, hot boning! When they switched up positions for the final time, Perry would be on his back, legs tucked up by his head, showing off that splendid hole for Andy to see what he was working with. Did that hole justice, he did. Andy fucked Perry hard and fast until he was ready to spill his seed. He pulled out, blasted his nut across Perry's balls, cock, hairy chest and stomach, then put it back in to breed his bottom at Perry's request.

Perry then jerked his big dick with Andy's adorable mug beside his bouncing balls. He came big, shooting across the bed and all over Andy's chin. He leaned forward and licked it off, then kissed his mustached costar a super sexy snowball sendoff to one very successful Anniversary Scene. Welcome to the GuyBone family, fellas! What a perfect debut it was!

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