Brax Bailey

Brax Bailey

Strapping young lad Brax Bailey is quite the find. Beefy and broad in the best possible ways, Brax is a healthy, horny mix of baby-faced boy next door and brooding, tatted bad boy. He'll charm you with that coy smile, then ravish you in the sack.

Jared Griffin

Jared Griffin

Jared and I had been trying to get together to film for some time, and finally I was able to make it happen. Thank goodness, because this pocket-sized otter is a keeper! Hairy, hung (fuck, is that a long cock), and horny beyond belief, Jared is versatile and loves giving as much as receiving (check out that delicious ass).

Zeke Johnson

Zeke Johnson

Zeke is a fucking hot muscle cub with plenty of hair and tattoos for you to drool over. And that smile, killer. With the guy next door charm we love and the insatiable sex addict drive we crave, this is one GuyBone guy you'll want to cum with again and again.


Bareback Break

Working hard or hardly working, this trio of studs was ready for a bareback break, so they took one, right in front of their oblivious boss. They were all so ridiculously randy, they ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

Brax played a little hesitant at first, but Zeke and Jared wasted no time warming him up to the idea. These underwear store employees are lucky the store wasn't open for business yet, otherwise they might not have got away with the shenanigans they did. Jared and Zeke were sorting the clothes rack when their boners promptly plopped out. Brax noticed them jerking each other's dicks from across the store while he measured some wood of his own. He strolled over and the guys freed his cock of its blue jean prison.

Zeke knelt and sucked Jared's long, stiff shaft under the hanging garments. Brax kept lookout, but it wasn't really necessary. Their boss was deep into work on the desktop. Also into it deep was Zeke on Jared's hardon. He sucked it balls deep and fondled Jared's low hangers. Then he moved to Brax's boner and teased the throbbing meat hammer as Jared crouched and hid his tongue between Brax's beefy butt cheeks. He rimmed and fingered him a bit then wet his rod to slide it in raw.

Brax requested some SPUNK Lube and Zeke told Jared to grab a blanket to throw down. The guys were into it now, fully taking advantage of their break. Noticing their boss had headphones on, the guys felt free to vocalize their arousal. Zeke continued to suck Brax's rock hard cock as Jared inched his lengthy wonder into that beautiful bubble butt. His nuts swung against Brax's ass as he fucked.

They switched it up and Brax knelt to blow Zeke, whose hairy cock was aching for some oral attention. His furry ass must have also been calling out for attention because Jared moved behind him, lubed up again, and entered his second bottom of the scene. Stiff as steel and hung for days, Jared screwed Zeke bareback as Brax worked his dick over from the front. Then Jared asked if Brax wanted a turn at Zeke's ass, and of course Brax did, so they opened up the blanket and formed a doggie train. Brax fucked Zeke who fucked Jared and all of them moaned and humped simultaneously. Rock hard cocks abound, the three studs sexed each other right.

Brax's thrusts hurdled Zeke harder into Jared. But when he tired of being cubby in the middle, Zeke let Brax take over pounding Jared's tight hole. He stood and face fucked him, making Jared the otter in the middle, a title he was all too happy to hold. He slurped down Zeke's fat cock while opening his ass to the masculine fuck machine behind him. Goddamn, Brax was on fire.

Wanting to see him take his turn in the middle, Jared got Brax on his back on the floor and Zeke shoved his dick down his throat. Brax jerked his stone boner while Jared fucked him hard. Then Jared sucked it some before climbing on top and going for a final ride. Still in the middle, technically, now Brax was being ridden by Jared and face fucked by Zeke. Damn, these guys were getting me so hot the way they used each other's tools to make themselves feel good.

With Brax's ever stiff dick deep in his hot hole, Jared bounced up and down while sucking face with the bearded Zeke. These boys were all so magnificent in any role they ended up in. Top or bottom, they each did it all and did it with ease and perfection. The groans and bellows and ass slapping and grunting really got kicked up a notch at the end. They were all horny as hell and ready to nut.

Zeke was first to blow his load, rubbing out a creamy seed onto Brax's face and into his waiting mouth. He cleaned off the rest of the cum covered cock as Jared joined the orgasm club by shooting ribbons of jizz across Brax's belly. Guess riding that rigid pole did the trick for Jared's prostate. And the timing couldn't have been better. Just seconds after Zeke's explosion, Jared was erupting all over Brax's happy trail. Fucking phenomenal!

It was Brax's turn to cum but he wasn't quite done fucking. And he wanted to breed an ass. Jared was more than willing to continue getting fucked after cumming, so they all stood and he bent over. Brax fucked Jared in standing doggie as he made out with Zeke. Watching the two of them kiss and push their faces against one another, all sweaty and tatted and bro-ish, was driving me wild. And watching Jared receive all of Brax's bone, fantastic. Brax capped off the raw threesome by emptying his balls inside Jared's hole. He pulled out and showed off some leftover load, then rubbed his sensitive cock against Jared's ass cheek.

The mannequins may have got an eyeful during these hornballs' bareback break, but the boss never noticed. That was all Jared needed to know to suggest they head out for lunch now that they'd worked up an appetite. And you'll be hungry for more of each of these studs after watching this incredibly hot three way!

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