Axel Flint

Axel Flint

Axel Flint is a sexy, trim swimmer who has one of the hottest grins I've ever seen. This guy smiles and literally lights up a room. Not to mention, my dick.

Quinn Kartr

Quinn Kartr

Feed your frat boy fetish. Quinn's solid, tatted, hung with a dick as hard as a frat paddle, and has an incredible hole buried inside a bubble butt. From his hat head and cocky grin to his slightly fuzzy tummy and legs, Quinn is all bro and all hot.


Axel Tops Quinn

Ever had a case of the giggles? These two were intoxicated with laughter during this shoot of epic production time. Pretty sure they took about three hours to complete the scene, not because there wasn't chemistry, but because there was too much. For a small example of what I had to deal with (and loved every second of), I left in one of their outtakes. You'll know it when you see it. They'd already filmed Quinn Tops Axel and GOGO danced together at several Trousers Down underwear parties, so these two were thick as thieves. Besties in a hardcore bromance. We even combined their names like any hot celebrity couple: Quaxel.

Starting off laughing and making out, there was no denying these two hotties were hard for each other. Shirts and pants were pulled off and boners appeared as expected. The guys slobbed each others knobs proper (and fuck, do I love the sounds Axel makes when getting his dick sucked) before Axel bent Quinn over and went to town rimming his delectable bubble butt. Looking like two frat boys with their backwards ball caps and boners, Axel and Quinn were just as electric and bro-ish this time around.

Plenty of dirty talk from these two as they began fucking. Quinn is versatile, but definitely prefers to top. That means his hole doesn't see much cock, and therefore is extra tight. Feels great for Axel, right? You bet. Hearing Quinn order Axel to fuck his ass harder, and seeing Axel oblige, is enough to get any dick hard. Screwing in doggie style, a sideways position, and good ole legs on shoulders proved exactly what these two had been hankering. A good old fashioned SPUNK covered fucking. Laugh factories or not, they're both hot and horny as can be when they get around each other. And you just can't beat the view from behind, watching Axel's hairy little hole and low hanging nuts as he fucked Quinn.

Quinn laid on his back for the finale. Can't say I blame him. When I want a nice, big cumshot, I get as comfy as possible, kicking back and shooting jizz. Quinn hit his neck. That's pretty damn comfy. Axel wanted to cum on his hat, cause what's more bro than that? Both boys jerked their dicks furiously until Axel pumped out an incredibly thick load of creamy cum. It painted the top of his hat perfectly.

Friends to the end, Axel and Quinn have both fucked each other now, but in the way buds want to be fucked. Hard, deep, and in the ass by a rock hard cock.

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