Axel Flint

Axel Flint

Axel Flint is a sexy, trim swimmer who has one of the hottest grins I've ever seen. This guy smiles and literally lights up a room. Not to mention, my dick.

Trevor Jaden

Trevor Jaden

Trevor Jaden is a studio guy who we met the day GuyBone.com launched, but because he lives a few hours away, it took us a while to align schedules and get this stud to our set. Trevor is one of the sweetest guys we've ever met, let alone had the pleasure of working with.


Axel and Trevor Flip Raw

For Trevor Jaden's birthday, he wanted one thing - to fuck his boyfriend, Axel Flint, bareback on the beach. Who was I to deny the birthday boy's wish?

You'd have thought it was my birthday, the way I scored with this scene - first time filming outdoors, first time having Trevor bottom, first time having Axel top, first time having either fuck raw. And to top it all off, this scene celebrates GuyBone's One Year Anniversary! What a sexy day for everyone!

The sun was hidden behind some haze, but it was plenty warm in the driftwood condo once these two studs started rubbing tongues, stripping each other, and sucking stiff cocks.

Both guys were anxious to rim the other's tight hole before sliding their erect dicks inside. Trevor topped Axel first, driving his rod as deep as possible, making his partner moan in delight.

Axel was up next, and I got the show I'd been waiting for. His big, thick dick plowed Trevor's incredibly tight ass doggie style. I always find it romantic when the top asks if he's hurting the bottom - such a simple question, but it shows a tender side that gets my dick rock hard. These two definitely brought romance and chemistry to the bedroom... er... beach.

When Trevor sat on Axel's hardon and rode it up and down, his own perfect boner bouncing to and fro, I thought I'd cum. These two had impeccable rhythm and obviously loved the way the others body felt.

Trevor was ready to top Axel a final time, bending his boyfriend over the wall of the driftwood condo and screwing him from behind. When they were ready to cum, Axel went first, dumping a load of hot jizz on Trevor's tongue. Trevor swallowed it speedily and went back to lick the excess spunk from Axel's piss slit. Then Trevor busted his own hot nut all over Axel's face. Such a huge cumshot! He helped clean Axel off by licking the cum off his boyfriend's cheek, then sharing a salty kiss.

Trevor and Axel gave me one helluva good scene, and I think it's safe to say, anyone watching will feel like their birthday wish has come true, too!

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