Avi Jacobs

Avi Jacobs

Proving great things really do come in small packages, Avi Jacobs is a pocket pistol of a sex pup. He's on the shorter side, which I love, and solid and sexy as hell. Good luck deciding between bending over for him or picking him up and tossing him around the bedroom.


Avi's Solo

So worth the wait! Avi Jacobs is one fine specimen of sexy man. I'd been lusting after him with my camera for some time and when he finally agreed to film, I nearly orgasmed with joy. I figured he'd just want to dive right into a fuck scene, but he surprised me by wanting to take it slow and show off in a solo audition. Fine by me, I got him all to myself for a couple hours, taking pics and filming him stroking off that very handsome tool. He was so comfortable on camera, he ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage. That's more spank for your bank!

Avi invited me over to his super swanky apartment and relaxed back on his sofa in a pair of soft sweat shorts. His body was unbelievable. Tattoos, rippling muscles, a dusting of dark armpit and happy trail hair. His calves were bulging, no doubt from him being an avid cyclist. His feet were all kinds of sexy as they splayed out in different directions, one pulled up on the sofa and one planted on the rug.

His nipples were tiny and tight, circled by some more dark hair, and they never once lost their rigidity the entire time I was filming. The macho moustache and goateed scruff worked really well on his chiseled mug. Avi was all sorts of handsome, masculine, and horny. I'd been so busy checking out the rest of his body, I forgot to notice the growing dick inside his sweat shorts. Obviously going commando, his cock had stiffened to its rock hard maximum and he was flicking it back and forth just under that soft layer of shorts.

Then he slipped it out of one of the short legs. He seemed as impressed by its firmness as I did, and as his fist cupped his hairy balls then squeezed his erection, I knew I was in for a good tease. He lost the shorts and exposed his naked body. What a total package this guy was. So much black hair bushed around the base of his cock and hidden asshole. I was hardcore swooning.

Suddenly the moaning started. And the heavy breathing. And my ears perked up. As did my dick. I'd mentioned to him, make some noise, because there's nothing worse than a silent solo scene. But my lord, he took it above and beyond in the best way possible. He was so fucking turned on he couldn't help but vocalize it. His dick was so fucking hard and his balls were pulled so tight to his groin. He worked his big dick with SPUNK Lube and laid back flat on the couch.

Fuck. Then he snapped it. He pulled his hardon away from his stomach and let go, snapping it against his washboard abs. It struck with a thwack and he repeated it a few times. Smack! Smack! Smack! Holy fuck, I was entranced. It sounded like someone was hitting him in the gut. This total fox was inches away from me, showing off how stiff his dick was by snapping it against his toned tummy. Heaven!

He played with his nipples as he stroked. His manly hand slid from cock shaft to nut sack and back again in one sexy, slick, sweeping motion. He rubbed his pits, he caressed his chest, he fucking worked the camera. A total pro from the beginning, I was so excited this was finally happening. So thrilled he finally wanted to share himself with all of you. Perfect addition to the GuyBone family.

HIs dick was an impressive 7” and stood straight as an arrow. And it responded well to lube. He continued wetting it throughout the scene, and every time he added more, he went into a vocal frenzy, absolutely thriving on the way it felt on his cut cock.

He was sitting on the sofa, legs up, exposing his tight, furry hole for the first time. His lubed fingers slid toward the hairy entrance and teased it. We'll see more of that when he films his first fuck scene, but for now, it was enough to make me drool. He beat his dick against his abs again and I thought I'd bust from the sound.

His “fucks” and grunts and gasps were coming quicker and louder, making it evident that he was edging with the best of them. He fucking jerked that dick furiously, making me want to see him shoot but also never wanting this to end at the same time. He was such a showman, knowing exactly how to make his solo audition a successful one. Perhaps the best compliment he could have given me was when he put on a GuyBone DVD and used that as inspiration to get off. How flattering and sexy that he was watching other porn I'd shot while making his very own!

His voice was deep and dude-ish and totally turned me on with every noise he made. He was getting closer. Inching toward climax. His fingers slid instinctively toward his hole again. Boy, this one was going to be fun to film getting fucked! He responded well to things near his ass. He'd reached his limit and there was no turning back from spilling his seed. He raged out a creamy white load of cum that splattered across his happy trail. He continued beating it, rubbing in the cum as if it were more lube, slapping his dick one final time against his stomach, and collapsing back in a state of pure bliss. Avi was spent and he deserved to be after putting on that sexy stroking spectacle. Keep your eyes on this stud, he's going to do very hot, great things with GuyBone!

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