Avi Jacobs

Avi Jacobs

Proving great things really do come in small packages, Avi Jacobs is a pocket pistol of a sex pup. He's on the shorter side, which I love, and solid and sexy as hell. Good luck deciding between bending over for him or picking him up and tossing him around the bedroom.

Hoytt Walker

Hoytt Walker

DAYUM! No wonder Hoytt Walker is on so many sites these days, he's fucking perfection! That manly, bearded mug.


Avi and Hoytt Flip Raw

With a look and a pull in to kiss, Avi grabbed Hoytt and never let go. This was the first scene Hoytt filmed with us, even though it wasn't released first. And this was the first time I got to see Avi show off his topping skills. These two had magnetic, electric chemistry that I couldn't take my eyes off. So much of it, in fact, they ended up with an extra 10 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

I was super stoked they wanted to flip fuck. Gave me the chance to see both of them in the top role. Avi had been nervous, I think, to top. I don't know why, he was magnificent! They both were. Rock hard and ready to go, they took turns rimming and sucking each other to really secure the need to fuck.

Hoytt ate out Avi's hairy hole while Avi's legs dangled in the air. Then Hoytt laid back and let Avi service his long, thick shaft. Their furry bodies, their ink, their hairy mugs - it was all too perfect to look at. Hoytt groaned and grumbled as Avi licked and sucked and kissed his cock. He moaned in satisfaction as Avi dove into his ass tongue first.

We'd decided to film in the living room where Avi had his solo. Something about sex on a couch. It's different and more adventurous than a bed. And this couch was the perfect size for these two studs to flip around on. When Avi went down on Hoytt's super stiff one a second time, I was ready to explode in my shorts. These two were on fire!

Avi stood up on the sofa so Hoytt could suck his raging hardon in a kneeling position. He gobbled his balls, sniffing and swallowing what seemed simultaneously. Avi's cock was throbbing, aching to disappear down Hoytt's throat. His sexy, tight body clenched as he flexed his fat dick. He got Hoytt on his back again so he could rim him this time. He devoured his hole and worked from ass to balls to boner. Hoytt was in Heaven. His thick dick looked ready to rupture, it was so hard and veiny and pulsing.

Before I knew it, Hoytt was lifting and spinning Avi around, tossing him back on the couch. Their new position switch came with the obvious intent that Hoytt would top Avi first. He lubed up with SPUNK and eased his giant cock into Avi's tight, but ready… and very willing… hole. They both murmured their delight and as Hoytt began to pound Avi's ass bareback, their murmurs became moans that became outright cries of bliss.

Hoytt spread Avi's legs and gave me a hot view of him entering his back door. Then he squeezed his legs tight and hugged them as he fucked raw and deep. Avi's pecs jiggled ever so slightly with the rhythm of the sex and my eyes darted between them and his incredibly sexy bare feet, flopping up near Hoytt's head.

Hoytt was an animal, fucking fast and natural. His own juicy ass looked divine as he worked Avi's hole. They began to work up a sweat and with the windows open on a hot summer day, I could only imagine the aural show the neighbors were being treated to. If I wasn't filming, I'd be listening from my window, jerking furiously to the sounds of two studs screwing hard nearby.

Next position was my favorite. Hoytt leaned forward off the couch and fucked down into Avi's ass as Avi lay on the ground on his shoulders, ass aimed up. Superb position. Gave me such a hot show of Hoytt's hairy hardon plundering Avi's beautiful back door. Avi's cock and balls danced as Hoytt nailed him to the floor. Fuck, it was dazzling!

Just when I thought Hoytt couldn't get Avi into any more of an impressive position, he put his legs up on the sofa and thrust down deep into his costar. He was doing pushups with just his hips and it was hot as fuck! Mini workout for the day completed, they returned to the seated fucking for a minute before Avi took his turn as top.

Before he got his dick inside Hoytt, Avi wanted to suck some more dick. And rim some more hole. He's such a pro at both, it's totally entertaining watching him service a hot dude like Hoytt. Avi got Hoytt's hole wet and readied and even smacked that bubble butt for good measure. Then he was inside, full length, sitting still and allowing Hoytt's tight ass to accommodate his girth.

Avi started pumping, fucking his bottom raw and hard. He was incredible to watch as a dominant top. His dick was steel. His abs rock. Hoytt bent over the couch doggystyle and gave himself to Avi. Usually you enjoy one guy as top over the other in a flip scene like this, but I honestly couldn't choose between them. They were both so fantastic in BOTH roles!

Avi leaned over Hoytt's back to kiss him and nuzzle his neck. Then he grabbed his shoulders and pounded furiously. Hoytt's ass cheeks rippled and shook with each hump from Avi. Beautiful butt on that boy. Avi paid some more oral attention to Hoytt's hairy nuts before entering him again. He dipped his dick deep in Hoytt's oasis. It was warm, wet, enveloping. He screwed him relentlessly, huffing and bellowing. Hoytt had gone into a dazed puppy phase. He was literally dickmatized, his tongue hanging out, his eyes glossed over. He was in a sex trance. As he should be! Avi gave it to him just like he wanted then pulled out and sucked his dick some more. This guy could not get enough big dick down his throat. WOOF!

Then it was back to fucking. Avi fit his dick back inside Hoytt's wonderful ass and pounded away. Hoytt jerked his huge hardon until he was ready to bust. The feel of Avi's perfectly straight shaft inside his ass must have rubbed his prostate just right and he blew an amazing load onto his chest and stomach. Avi leaned in to taste some as it dripped from his piss slit.

To get himself off, Avi wanted to ride Hoytt's still erect dick one final time. He straddled his lap and rocked back and forth on the spent but still stiff prick. He rubbed his own dick, hard as ever, lubed with Hoytt's jizz he'd scooped up from his belly. He was begging to cum. He shot his seed across Hoytt's hairy neckline, onto his beard, and into his open, waiting mouth. They kissed, tasting a combo of their cum, and I was beyond satisfied with both of their performances. Top, bottom, versatile, these two can and HAVE done it all… extremely well.

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