Aaron Burke

Aaron Burke

Aaron Burke is one helluva sexy bloke. Our second Aussie (how do we keep lucking out with these studs?), his accent and deep, sensual voice will melt you into a puddle of goo.

Jared Griffin

Jared Griffin

Jared and I had been trying to get together to film for some time, and finally I was able to make it happen. Thank goodness, because this pocket-sized otter is a keeper! Hairy, hung (fuck, is that a long cock), and horny beyond belief, Jared is versatile and loves giving as much as receiving (check out that delicious ass).


Aaron Tops Jared Raw

It's not super often that I manage to get two brand new GuyBone Guys in the same debut scene. But when it does happen, man is it magic. I was lucky enough to get Aaron Burke interested in our site and into town for a couple shoots. His first costar, Jared Griffin, had been on my radar for years. We'd just never been able to nail down the perfect time and person for him. Now, they wanted to film with each other, and for us. Perfect.

Aaron is super sexy in a masculine, dominant way that sends shivers up your spine. You just want to do whatever he asks of you. That's also in part to his uber hot Australian accent. Fuck, this guy's deep voice and brooding, bearded mug was everything I… Jared… had been waiting for. And Jared, with his furry otter body and big, ever stiff dick, was eager to give up his ass on camera. Wonderful match, wonderful chemistry, wonderfully attractive men.

Their tongues and hands explored each other's bodies and they started their scene shirtless. Both were beyond sensual kissers, erotically engaging in the sexiest lip smacking I'd seen in some time. Their pants fell off and their boners flopped out. Both were stiff as steel and as Jared grabbed both cocks in his palm and jostled them shaft to shaft, we three knew this was going somewhere great.

Aaron knelt next to Jared's lap at the edge of the bed and took his lengthy rod down his wet throat. When he sucks cock, you hear it. So much suction, attention, and spit, he really works your pole. He kept complimenting Jared's body, telling him how nice his parts were. I couldn't have agreed more. Jared was a hot little piece of hairy, horny candy.

Aaron flipped Jared's legs skyward and flicked his tongue against his puckered hole. Jared's throbbing boner twitched and jumped against his furry tummy every time Aaron's hot mouth touched his asshole. Then he flipped onto his stomach and sucked his Aussie costar's thick cock. Aaron's balls are bountiful, to say the least, and they looked incredible when they were the only thing you could see because Jared had the rest of his junk buried in the back of his throat. They both loved giving attention as much as getting it, and I rarely stopped recording because they just kept the intense energy going.

After Jared blew Aaron, our top wanted to eat his hole more thoroughly. He spit on it and drove his broad tongue beard deep. Jared's raging erection rubbed against the bed sheet as Aaron devoured his delicious ass. When he was ready for the taking, Jared lifted his ass to Aaron and begged to be fucked. Aaron fingered his tight hole and then gently inserted his girthy cock. He had his bottom in doggy on the bed and held his hair as he hammered his hole. Their bodies were an instant fit and their fucking was ferociously entertaining.

Jared was a trooper, taking the pounding Aaron was delivering with fervor. Aaron was a big buck, a stallion, screwing his way through the scene. He dominated his smaller costar like the masculine big man he was. His balls were so full and tight, they barely moved as he humped. Jared's, however, hung low and swung with the rhythm of his back door banging. A bottle of SPUNK Lube sat on the nightstand but never got used. These studs preferred spit for their raw sex all the way.

Aaron smacked Jared's ass cheeks hard with both hands and teased his hole with the tip of his dick. He spit on it and shoved it back in. His beautiful dad bod was tatted and hairy and oh, so hot as he drilled Jared's pink plunder. He tossed Jared over like the fuck toy he was, entering him missionary so he could easily kiss him and look into those dark, puppy dog eyes. He held his leg up, showing off the drool-worthy penetration just below Jared's bouncing balls.

I'm pretty sure Jared was hard as hell the entire scene, displaying his total love of bareback bottoming for Aaron. And the expressions on his face spoke volumes as to how much he wanted more, more, more. They worked their way to the finale and because of their insane, electric connection, were able to cum just seconds apart.

Aaron bust first, a hot creamy load all over Jared's hole. And as he inched his dick back inside his bottom, Jared let loose his seed, dropping jizz on his fuzzy stomach. They both moaned and shook. Aaron pulled out again and showed off his handy work, a tasty looking mess of nut all over Jared's satisfied ass. They kissed and we all concluded that this had been a double debut for the record books.

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