Dark hair, perfect dick, fucking adorable smile, hypnotic blue bedroom eyes. West was a busy boy, but worth the wait. When we finally got him on GuyBone, there was no going back.


West's Solo

West is an incredibly hot, guy next door kinda guy that you'd love to hang out with, watch movies, play video games, then fuck.

He's smoldering, sexy, and has the most seductive, electric blue bedroom eyes I've ever seen. With one flash of his charismatic grin, you're hard in your pants and begging him to get naked with you.

West is a busy guy, working a couple jobs, and could never find the spare time to shoot with us. Luckily, the time finally came, and late one night after he got off work, he decided to get off for GuyBone.

He came in looking fine as fuck with his comic book t-shirt and jeans, grinning ear to ear, knowing exactly how good of a show he was about to put on for us.

He stripped down slowly, taking his time, working that sexy mug for the camera. His chest was amazing - steel pecs, perfectly trimmed hair, and a trim, tight tummy.

He peeled his pants off and gave a preview of the hotness about to come through his underwear. His dick was already stiff, aching to be touched. If I didn't have both hands on the camera...

West released his woody and started stroking to my delight. What a beautiful boner. Nice, mushroom head, thick shaft, dangling balls, brown bush. This guy's crotch was impeccable.

I loved seeing him stroke his cock slow and hard with one hand, his other hand holding his nuts firmly in place. Then, he'd let go of his dick and let it bounce around freely, sending my own dick into full salute status. I love watching a guy just... play... with his dick.

When West was ready to cum, he got comfy on his back, brought his feet in together, and loudly moaned a hot white load out of that mushroom head. I've said it before and I'll say it again, but some guys are more than worth the wait. Welcome aboard, West.

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