Trevor Jaden

Trevor Jaden

Trevor Jaden is a studio guy who we met the day GuyBone.com launched, but because he lives a few hours away, it took us a while to align schedules and get this stud to our set. Trevor is one of the sweetest guys we've ever met, let alone had the pleasure of working with.

Xander Kane

Xander Kane

Xander is perhaps the wildest of GuyBone guys. A total badass, he likes it rough and tumble. The rebel haircut, the giant back tattoo, the crazy huge uncut cock - Xander is a treat to watch, whether he's stuffing his massive dick inside a nice, warm hole, or taking a ride on a hard rod.


Trevor Tops Xander

Fucking A. I love when I get two total strangers on camera together and they end up having chemistry like they've been dating for five years. Trevor and Xander blew all my expectations out of the water, just like they blew explosively huge loads out of their hard cocks at the end of the shoot.

Trevor had come for the weekend to shoot two scenes, one with Jaxon, and this one with Xander. He topped both guys and did a fucking hot job. His dick is the perfect size for topping, giving his partners a wild ride without hurting them, which means they can fuck for longer.

I only had to stop the camera a couple times while filming Trevor and Xander. And once was for me to catch my own breath. These two animals didn't stop. They were literally fucking machines, on fire, moaning, grunting, swearing, screwing. At one point, I said hold on, I need a break. Just watching these two got me all hot and bothered. No, really. I was sweating. I felt like I was the one getting the cardio workout.

Out of the gate, Trevor was rock hard in his gym shorts and Xander was more than happy to have his hand wrapped tightly around the tented nylon, stroking, jerking. The guys swapped spit, not only from kissing, but also when Xander ordered Trevor to spit in his mouth. Hot. Once Trevor had his beautiful cock inside Xander's tight, hairy hole, there was no stopping these two.

Normally, I'd cut between positions, throw in a cross fade where needed, but these guys never stopped. They went from one position to the next, Trevor often picking Xander up and flipping him to the next spot he wanted to enter him from. Xander's face was pure delight the entire shoot. He loved having ripped Trevor, the sweetheart with a six pack, pound away at his warm ass with his perfect erection. He loved it even more when Trevor spanked his ass, leaving a sexy red reminder of where his manly hand had marked his territory.

I have zero complaints with this scene. Usually I can find one or two things I would change if given the chance, but Trevor and Xander had such an amazing chemistry that I wouldn't dare mess with perfection. After they'd fucked their brains out, these two sex zombies shot their massive nuts all over a piece of glass to see who could blast the best load. They're both known for having insane cumshots, and although they were both fantastic, I think Trevor took the prize this time.

After a successful weekend of sucking and fucking, I think our new GuyBone guy deserved the title and recognition. And speaking of recognition, we couldn't be happier to have Xander back with us after a brief hiatus. He's truly one of our best, and wildest, and we missed him. And what better comeback than an unbelievably hot scene with Trevor. These two rock. Hard.

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