JP is one of those guys who looks totally innocent, hiding behind his cute specs and dress slacks. That is, until you undress him to discover pierced nipples, sexy tattoos galore, a chiseled set of abs, and one helluva big dick! Ever shy and sporting an adorable smile, it's easy to see that this GuyBone guy has a wild side he's rock hard to let loose.


JP's Solo

You have to understand, as director, I'm usually attracted to the models I hire. If I didn't think they were hot guys, I wouldn't put them on the site. But occasionally, a model comes along who is more my exact type. At the moment, I've found that model in new GuyBone guy, JP.

JP is everything I find hot, wrapped up into one neat, tight package with a cream-filled surprise inside. He's shy. He's got an incredibly adorable smile. He looks great in glasses. He's got a shaved head. He is peppered with fun, sexy tattoos. He's got some piercings, but not too many. He's got a killer body, especially his abs. And last, but definitely not least, he's got a very impressive dick that can't help oozing pre cum at the slightest touch.

Always a smooth gentleman, JP hid his nerves quite well for his solo audition. Still, seeing his hand tremble as he undid his belt buckle woke my dick up. I couldn't keep the smile off my face when he started stripping, knowing the treat I was in for under those dress pants. His slow, seductive striptease got me rock hard before he even had his own long shaft out of his boxer briefs.

Once JP was naked, he was completely relaxed and in his element. I have to imagine if I had that cock bouncing around between my legs, I'd be confident, too. He stroked his veiny shaft like a pro, erotically pulling glistening strands of pre cum from his piss slit whenever he leaked. It was all I could do to keep from ejaculating in my own shorts. It's shoots like this, when I'm so overheated by a guy, that I am reminded how much I fucking love this job!

By the end of his audition, I had covered every inch of JP's naked body with my camera, pretending it was my tongue, naturally. He got comfy on his back and pumped out a nice load while moaning in absolute pleasure. What made the shoot even hotter for me were the occasional glances he would make at the camera, then at me. I felt like he was putting on a private show, and checking in to make sure I was still enjoying what he was doing. Yes, JP, I enjoyed every fucking second!

I try not to crush on my models, but guys like JP make it damn near impossible. See for yourself, but don't say I didn't warn you!

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