Adam isn't a real ginger, but for now, he's the closest GuyBone guy to one. He's a cute, young, messy gay, as I like to call them. By that I mean I imagine his bedroom has worn underwear you'd like to smell tossed about.


Adam's Solo

For his solo audition, Adam arrived to the shoot wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and hoodie. When I explained how the scene would play out (start clothed, strip slowly, jerk off, cum), he said he wished he'd wore something cuter. I thought he was plenty cute enough.

From his fake red hair, to his piercings, to his adorably thin body and ankle tattoos, Adam isn't as much the guy next door as the boy next door. He's young, he's in shape, and he's got a nice dick that he likes to rub cum out of.

He got comfy on the bed and lubed up for a nice show. I realized Adam liked men of color when the only porn videos I had that he liked were of guys who were not caucasian. Can't blame him, everyone likes a flavor other than vanilla from time to time.

He kept teasing his asshole with his finger and I could tell he wanted to shove something in there and feel it slam against his prostate. He didn't ask for a toy, though, so I just let him continue teasing his hole himself. He clearly did a good job, because it didn't take him long to reach climax. In fact, he reached it before I was ready for him to and I had to have him edge for a few minutes while I shot some closeups. When I was in position and ready to see him bust a nut, he jerked fast and furious and didn't stop once he started cumming. He kept stroking, even faster, flinging jizz all over his stomach and chest. It was like watching a broken water sprinkler. Very hot.

By the end of his audition, Adam had proved that the boys next door can be just as sexy as the guys next door.

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