Irish is a guy I've wanted to get on the site pretty much from the day it launched. He's got a cute, guy next door face and a rockin' hot, tight body complete with six pack abs. His dick is the perfect size - not too big, not too small, just right for any warm ass.


Irish's Solo

For his audition solo, Irish came ready to shoot... literally.

Stripping out of his wife-beater and jeans, Irish got his dick worked into a nice, stiff hardon through his fittingly green underwear and I had to wonder if he'd planned to wear those because of his name. Regardless, I got hard watching him get hard.

He slipped off the lucky underwear and tossed them aside, showing off his nice rod and low-hanging balls, which quickly pulled up into a tight sack as he got more aroused. I could hear the cum working up inside his shaft and I ached inside to drop the camera and take that stiff cock in my mouth, working it up and down, all the while rubbing my hand across his washboard abs.

Once I was back to reality, I realized he'd shifted into a new position that really showcased his amazingly sculpted body. And then I had him move to the foot of the bed for the finale.

Irish told me he was a shooter and he didn't lie - he blasted a hot load all over his six pack that dripped down to his leg, proving that with this GuyBone guy, I'd truly found a pot of gold.

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