Jordan Jaxson

Jordan Jaxson

Jordan is a totally innocent-looking twink who definitely has a wilder side. He's completely turned on by being filmed. It gets his nice, tall, thick dick rock hard.


Jordan's Solo

What can I say about Jordan? He was a twink, but then again not. You could totally see the definition going on from shoulders to hips. Great pecs, a glimmer of a six pack, he was definitely not settling for the standard twink body.

His beautiful brown eyes bounced up and down between the porn he was watching and the body he was steadily undressing. I love seeing a guy get excited over taking his own clothes off. Knowing that they're about to reveal something everyone wants to see. Sure enough, Jordan was packing a punch with his thick stiff cock. By the time all of his clothes were off, he was rock hard and working his boner into an even harder erection. And those loose nuts, begging to tea bag someone's eager face, sat perfectly between his legs.

He got up on his knees and smacked his dick around a bit, flexed and bounced it, and milked what sounded like the juiciest of pre cums just inside the opening of his piss slit. Hearing it snap, crackle, and pop drove me wild and I wanted to see some leak out. It didn't, but that was alright, because who needed to see pre cum when you could see gallons of cum literally rocket out of his hard cock during orgasm?

To twink or not to twink? That's the question. Either way you look at it, Jordan is the answer!

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