Jeremy Fox

Jeremy Fox

Jeremy Fox is a studio guy who we met through our model Kyle. Frankly, I'm so enamored by his sexiness. He's got the darkest hair I've ever seen, which stands out against his pale skin perfectly.



Weston has one of the biggest cocks on GuyBone. With a perfect smile, drool worthy pecs, and a boy next door curl to his hair, he's a terrific find. He loves to show off that seriously big dick.


Jeremy Tops Weston

Well, if there's one way to break in new GuyBone guy Weston, it's by letting studio pro Jeremy Fox fuck him with his incredible cock.

Weston was hesitant to film, probably because he's an adorably shy Mormon who was always warned against the likes of me. I'm harmless, I swear, but in the end, it was probably Jeremy who convinced Weston to join our team.

The guys wasted no time getting to it, and Jeremy wasted no time showing Weston how it's done. He ran his limber tongue up Weston's chest, around his nipple, and into his armpit. Hot. Nothing manlier than an armpit. Smelling them, tasting them, rubbing your scruff in them. Then he put his wet tongue inside Weston's mouth and kissed him madly.

Next came a fantastic blow job that led to Jeremy rimming Weston, something he takes pride in doing well. He ate out Weston's ass so well, Weston kept thrusting his hole into Jeremy's face whenever Jeremy would take a break to pull back Weston's dick and suck it. Clearly it felt good. Clearly Weston wanted more. Jeremy licked from dick tip, up Weston's mighty lengthy shaft, to balls, to ass. No bit of skin untouched by his talented tongue.

The first time Jeremy entered Weston's ass with his throbbing cock, Weston bellowed and writhed, asking for a moment to catch his breath. Jeremy obliged, but then quickly continued his mission: to plow that ass like it'd never been plowed before.

Fucking in a variety of positions, the guys got plenty aroused and ended up shooting hot loads. Jeremy's went pretty much in Weston's hungry mouth and Weston blasted Jeremy's chest with a streak of white jizz.

These two were hot and at the end of the shoot, I think Weston had learned a thing or two about the biz. Here's hoping he's as successful as Jeremy.

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